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Suryaputra Karn 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts off with king Pandav having Karn to his ashram and introducing him to his spouse Kunti. Kunti identifies him as her son Karn and will get psychological. She asks Pandav who is this boy. He claims he is karn and is a fantastic warrior and found him nearby, so brought him to be a guest for dinner. Karn says he invited him for foodstuff. She asks exactly where does he keep. He suggests nearby village. She asks if his mom permitted him to go out. Karn suggests he arrived to hunt musk deer for his Mother. Kunti smiles. He lookups some thing and kunti asks what on earth is he exploring. He asks Pandav when his wife is below, who’s making ready food items. he suggests his next wife. Kunti asks if He’s hungry. He states his mom asked not to tell visitor that he’s hungry. She claims he can and asks him to scrub his fingers. Next wife comes and asks what caste Is that this boy from. Kunti says children and sanyasis don’t have any caste and He’s boy or girl and she or he is sanyasi.

Shon prays god on one leg and tells He’ll right up until Karn comes back again. Sushim and Tauji arrive there and asks wherever is Karn. He keeps silent. Sushm asks if he went to make his personal bow. Shon isn’t going to reply once more. Sushim then walks out o dwelling to look Karn. Radha attempts to end him. Tauji states Karn is sort of a diamond and he or she is ignoring him and if she proceeds, a time will come the place she is going to repent.

Kunti feeds Karn along with her hand. He reminisces Mother rejecting his ask for to feed him by hand and tells Kunti He’s grown up. She suggests her relatives incorporates a rule to feed their visitor with hand. Karn receives emotional and eats from her hand.

Following foodstuff, Kunti usually takes Karn to an area in which Pandav is training archery. Pandav shoots arrow and it hits tree go away and arrives back again. He asks Karn to try to Karn hits tree, but arrow doesn’t know. Pandav states he purchased arrow to arrived back again, so it arrived. Bhishma will come there and shows identical trick. He sees Karn asks Pandav who Is that this boy. Pandav claims he is a superb warrior. Karn will take his blessings. Bhism asks who’s he and what his father does. Karn says his father is really a charioteer, but He’ll grow to be warrior. Bhism normally takes bow from his hand and claims He’s low caste kid and cannot hold bow and arrow. Karn asks if a toddler is born casteless, then wherever does caste emanates from. Kunti interrupts and tells Karn never to overexert his bran and claims she’s going to consider him to hunt musk deer.

Bhism asks Pandav that’s he. Pandav suggests he is very good and is particularly satisfied clear of palace and is benefit from the operate rise in himalayas. Sushim with Tauji arrives seeking Karn and asks Pandav pondering him as sanyasi if he observed a small youngster who came to hunt musk deer. Pandav asks if he is referring to Karn. They each get content and request if he knows Karn. Pandav asks them not to worry as Karn is Risk-free and has gone to hunt musk deer along with his wife.

Tauji sees flag on Bhism’s chariot and asks if he is senapati Bhism. Bhism nods yes. Tauji touches his ft and claims his everyday living is prosperous touching his feet and praises his bravery. He then asks Pandav if He’s king Pandav. Pandav states he is ex-king. Tauji says He’s married to Kunti. Sushim gets tensed Listening to that.

Precap: Even though helping Karn searching musk deer, Kunti is going to slide from cliff, but Karn rescues her and himself falls from cliff into lake.

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