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Suryaputra Karn 9th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Rithik wishing Shivanya happy 6 month anniversary. He says he got a dream again about saving nagin and shows his tattoo. He says nagin wants to kill his family and he does not know why he saved nagin. Shivanya says all nagins are not bad, she heard many stories in her village of good nagins.

Ankush comes to his room. Yamini talks to him romantically. He asks if she is speaking to him. She says yes and says she found a way of happiness. He asks if she found someone else and is not happy with him. She says she found a way to kill nagin and says another nagin comes here during party, she will kill Shivanya first and then another nagin. He asks what is the plan. She says he should act as losing guru maa’s ring and go out. Nagin will follow him and he should shoot her with special gun. She will then kill another naagin next.

Angad takes pics of his siblings with his new camera. He asks Rithik and Shivanya to sit togehter. Shivanya shies. Rithik pulls her and makes her sit on his thigh. Angad says how romantic and asks how are they feeling on their 6 month anniversary. Amrita comes and takes camera from him. Angad says it is imported costly camera and she should be careful. Yamini comes and asks them not to trouble Rithik and Shivanya much and asks them all to get ready for the party.

Party starts. Ankush comes out searching naagin. He imagines Amrita wagging her tongue in alcohol glass and thinks nagin came in Amrita’s form today. He goes and asks her howmany glasses she finished today. Amrita says 1, 2, 3, 9.. He sees black nagin passing by and runs behind it.

Sesha meets Shivanya and shivanya says that Ankush lost his ring and is going out without protection, she will go behind him and will take revenge. Sesha asks who will be with family then. Shivanya says she should stay with family as Shivanya. Sesha thinks she does not know how to control Rithik and herself.

Yamini goes to Shivanya and says Ankush lost his ring and she does not know how to save him from nagin. She hugs and cries, but smirks instead. Shivanya thinks it is time to take her revene and kill Ankush.

Sangram singh reminisces his younger days where he builds a wall and thinks mahishmati warriors will not cross this wall. He comes out of flashback and fixes painting on wall.

Ankush continues searching nagin and is about to touch Amrita’s friend when Yamini sees him and takes him aside and scolds if he has become tharki at this age. He says he was searching nagin and asks if she forgot nagin came in his form last time. She asks him to start his plan now. Shivanya goes in nagin’s form and he goes behind her.

Yamini takes Rithik aside and says she is angry on him as he bought only 1 necklace for Shivanya. She says she wants him to remarry. He says he cannot think of anyone than Shivanya in this life. She says he will remarry with Shivanya and says she has kept their new clothes in cupboard and they should come down wearing them to mantap. He hugs her and says that is why dad is mad behind her. She smiles and he leaves.

Shivanya follows Ankush. Ankush goes to a secluded place and starts shooting Shivanya saying he brought her here purposefully to kill her. She runs and sees tribal women grinding chillies and says a goon wants to kill her. They ask her to wear mask and mingle with them, goon will not identify her.

Rithik goes to his room and finds Sesha there in Shivanya’s form there and says he came to change her. She gets tensed and asks what he wants to change. He gets out bridal sari from cupboard and says he will change her sari. She asks how can he. He says when she can see him in towel and she tied his dhoti, what problem she has. Sesha thinks how can Shivanya tie dhoti to Rithik. Rithik closes door, blind folds himself and removes her sari. She gets emotional. Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai…song…plays in the background. She gets very romantic and closes her eyes feeling his touch. He dorns her sari and goes near cupboard again. She thinks what will he do now, it is difficult to control him and herself. He then takes her down, shows mantap and says surprise they are getting married again. She thinks how can she marry her sister’s husband.

Precap: Rithik and Shesha’s marriage pheras start. Shivanya comes and is shocked. Sangram Singh says he can hear war bugel and his son will fight this battle. Yamini says brother I am coming.

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