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Suryaputra Karn 8th July 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says just like water’s taste changes with sugar and fruit pulp to juice, human’s situation also changes.

Duryodhan cries seeing Karn breathing his last breaths. He addresses everyone present there and pleads Karn not to leave him alone. Karn sees guru Parashuram who says his student is a a kshatriya and he is proud of him, he greets pranipat and says he is student is immortal now. He then sees Suryadev who says he is proud of him that he is part of him, his son. Krishna says Karn it is time to leave this world. Karn looks at everyone and his soul part ways. Pandavs, Kunti, Vrishali, Duryodhan and everyone persent around cry vigorously…Krishna sees Karn’s soul traveling towards sky. Rain starts and cleans Karn’s body.

Duryodhan goes to meet Bhisma who is sleeping on bed of arrows with arrows which have pierced through his body. Bhisma welcomes him and asks if he realilzed this war is imporer and wants to stop it. Duryodhan says his family first lamp has blown off. Bhisma says Karn…Duryodhan is shocked and asks if he knew Karn is his elder brother. Bhisma says he tried Karn from participating in war repeatedly as he did not want two brothers fight. Duryodhan says if he had known Karn is his brother, he would have give him whole kingdom. Soldier informs him that Karn’s body is taken for last rights.

Karn’s body is taken for last rights by Pandavs and is laid on wooden logs. Duryodhan comes and warns Yudistra that he will not let any Pandavs set fire to Karn’s body, else he will kill all 5 of them. Pandavs cry. Duryodhan says Karn made him orphan and let him alone in this world, so he will set his body on fire. Sadhus say Karn’s soul will be in pain if all his brothers don’t set fire. Duryodhan along with all 5 Pandavs sets fire to Karn’s body and takes oath on fire that he, Karn’s friend and Kaurav’s head, Gandhari’s son, will continue this war, not for Indraprasta or to win dynasty, but for Karn’s pride.

After performing last rights, Karn goes back to basecamp and cries keeping his head on Gandhari’s lap, says everything is finished, she got boon of 100 sons, why did not she get a boon of bearing Karn as her son. Gandhari asks him to stop this war. Duryodhan angrily says this war will not stop and it is for Karn’s pride now.

Precap: Gandhari opens her blindfold and looks at Duryodhan’s body and with Mahadev’s boon, his body will become metal now and he will be immortal. Krishna sees that via his superpowers.

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