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Suryaputra Karn 7th October 2015 Written Update

Suryaputra Karn watch online

Karn challenges Devraj Indra. Indra says he will not fight with him as he is so young and asks what is his age and caste. Karn says his knowledge and will power his caste. Their argument starts. Indira says when people stopped praying him, he stopped blessing them with rain. Karn says Indra got his vajra in charity, but he earned his knowledge with his hard work and says tree which gives fruit is prayed and not the one which has thorns. Indira gets angry and says he will punish for his arrogancy. Karn shoots his arrows and breaks Indra’s barriers and creates a barrier for himself. Their arguments continue.

Indra raises his vajra to attack Karn when he sees Shiv’s image behind Karn and stops. He accepts his defeat and says he saw such strength only in Bhism and Drona, who is he and who is his guru. Parashuram comes from behind and says he is the one who taught Bhism and Drona. Indra apologizes Parashuram and asks why did not he inform that he is Prabhu Parashuram’s student. Karn says his arrogancy did not let him question him. Indra says he forgot to realize that only Parashuram’s student can be so brave and orders clouds to sprinkle rain. Rain starts and people start dancing.

Expert Parashuram tells Karn that he did not make any error by picking out him as his college student and states he will teach him brahmastra and Permit individuals know that he is Parashuram’s graphic and states he is greater than Khatriyas and it is outstanding brahmin and now individuals will know that he is most top-quality warrior Within this earth and blesses him.

Indira fumes that a sooth putra tricked Parashuram and became globe’s excellent warrior and defeated him, You can find some solution powering it, but he will likely not let him make top-quality and make Arjun superior as he has his blessings. Drona on another facet tells Arjun that he’s entire world’s very best warrior.

Precap: Parashuram receives angry on Karn for lying that he’s brahmin and curses him that he won’t be capable to use his know-how when he will require it by far the most.

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