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Suryaputra Karn 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts Karn intending to burial ground reminiscing his tauji’s words and phrases that he worshipped for twelve several years in burial ground to achieve understanding. A man who’s worshipping there shouts who is attempting to disturb him. Karn claims even he wishes to worship to get awareness. Man calms down seeing a small child and asks why he really wants to achieve information. He states to get his Mother’s adore as she thinks she’ll reduce her existence thanks to him and provides an example that deer loses its life due to its musk in navel. Man asks him to go home and tells his mom that deer’s lifetime is linked to it musk and it life as well as it. Musk causes it to be more auspicious. Karn asks if mom will enjoy him after she hears this. He claims Indeed as he has viewed deer and its musk. Karn requests to consider him to deer to ensure that he can prove his position to his mom. Person suggests deer life on himalaya’s prime cliffs and only excellent warriors can get to there and obtain deer by searching them. Karn thinks He’ll turn out to be warrior by Finding out archery and can get a deer for Mother.

Karn sees Sunshine increase and starts off managing below shadow to reach residence before. He sees Sushim and tauji and tells he experienced long gone to gain know-how. Tauji asks what understanding did he acquire. He tells he will study archery and hunt deer to establish his place and achieve Mother’s love. Sushim receives tensed Listening to that. Tauji claims He’ll get him to kshatriya camp to show archery. Suhsim states charioteer’s son cannot find out archery. Tauji states if he can get his mom’s appreciate, karn will likely not learn archery. Sushim receives silent. Tauji suggests Permit The child be pleased a minimum of by learing archery. He normally takes Shon and Karn in the vicinity of kshatriya camp and asks Karn to go and understand archery.

Karn with Shon reaches khatriya camp where he hears a man announcing a contest whoever will shoot some extent crossing hurdles will earn a Particular bow. Karn’s eyes sparkle viewing bow and tells Shon that he got his bow and can earn this Level of competition. Shon receives mesmerized viewing such a massive bow.

Levels of competition begins and some Guys check out their luck, but could not do well. Karn learns archery looking at their moves and decipts himself. He realizes their issues and realizes that he has got to throw arrow from the route of air stream. Shon says he is a kid, then who’ll let him take part.

Precap: Competitor worries if nobody is ready to gain Opposition. Karn says he will and holds bow.

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