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Suryaputra Karn 5th July 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says a bird builds nest with bits and rain destroys it, instead of crying and cursing its fate, it rebuilds house. Same with human, one should not blame their fate for ease and should work hard to achieve goal.

Karn asks Krishna why he is tricking him, he wants to question him. Krishna freezes time and takes Karn to a different world of eternity and asks what question he has. Karn asks why he is always at the receiving end. Krishna says everyone has to face their karma. Karn says he wanted to change the world for good, but he suffered his whole life for that. Krishna says nature takes its own course to change and humans cannot change it. Karn asks why he was blamed always as sooth putra, Drona did not teach him, Draupadi insulted him during swayamwar. Krishna says it is his karma again.

Karn continues questioning and asks why he was punished for letting his guru sleep peacefully, why he went on Pandav’s side when he was his charioteer first and later Arjun. Krishna reminds him their first meeting and suggesting him not to choose a wrong path that he will repent later. He further says his silence was his sin, he kept quiet when Draupadi was disrobed and insulted, he kept quiet when Abhimanyu was killed ruthlessly and even became part of it. Karn reminisces all the incidents. Krishna says he kept quiet and saw injustice, but as a human, even Pandavs made mistakes, but stood against injustice. Karn reminisces Pandavs challenging Yudistra that they will kill him and take revenge. He further says he took wrong path by accepting Duryodhan’s friendship.

Krishna continues his moral gyaan and wipes Karn’s wound and wound vanishes. Karn looks surprisingly and asks what is this. Krishna says he forgot he is the war, he is the weapons, he is the wounds, he is the winner, he is the martyr, he is the world. He is also feeling pain with his friend, pain can be shared and not transferred. Karn says he will not share his pain with his friend and asks him to take him to his destiny and kneels down smiling.

Krishna takes Karn back to battlefield and orders Arjun to blow a final attack on Karn, use anjalikastra. Arjun gets anjalikastra. Karn smilingly looks at Krishna. Arjun hesitates to shoot. Krishna asks to shoot. Arjun says his hands are shivering. Krishna says he is not doing sin, he is freeing a great soul. Karn stands up and smiling greets death that door is open and a warrior is greeting him in. Arjun shoots arrow and it hits Karn’s neck.

Precap: Yudistra tells Arjun that Karn is their elder brother. Karn tells Duryodhan that he fulfilled his promise. Duryodhan calls him kauntya/kunti’s son and says he tricked and betrayed him.

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