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Suryaputra Karn 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Ang pradesh people celebrate Karn’s victory. Vaishali while walking with Karn tells people will talk bad about unmarried woman being with an unmarried man. Karn says if un is removed from unmarried, she is married and smiles.

Bhism praises Karn that he fulfilled his promise and though he did not like his way, he will announce him as raja. He addresses Ang people that he makes Karn Ang pradesh’s raja in front of 5 elements and praja. He crowns karn and asks him to speak. Karn gives a long speech and says he thinks raja is praja’s servant and should serve them instead of ruling. He gives his praja right to select their profession according to their strength and skills and not by their birth. Bhism says he cannot do that as he is bound by Hastinapur’s law. Karn says once his friend Duryodhan becomes yuvraj, he will take his permission. Two messengers come horse riding and hand over a letter to Bhism. Bhism reads it and tells Karn that Yudistra is yuvraj now and he should seek his permission now. Karn says when he can defeat Jarasand, he can defeat even eveil of injustice.

Karn reaches his town with Vaishali wearing crown and they both discuss that his people will be very happy seeing him. People look at him surprisingly. Karn says Vaishali that something has happened here.

Dhritarastra tells Duryodhan that He’ll mail Yudistra into a fight and anyone may be killed in fight. Shakuni enters and implies he need to use his brains and politics to defeat Pandavs. Duryodhan states He’s burning in anger. Shakuni asks him to quiet down and asks if he heard of Purochan. Karn is found getting into palace and going for walks in direction of Duryodhan’s room.

Duryodhan calls Purochan and says mamaji instructed soon after black magician, He’s strongest and might do something. Purochan suggests Of course. Duryodhan asks if he can establish a glass palace for him. Purochan states he will and glass palace will melt away right until it burns its dwellers. Duryodhan states he really wants to ruin his enemies. Karn enters and states He’ll ruin his enemies and greets him with folded arms. Duryodhan states He’s his friend, so he shouldn’t fold palms and hugs him. He then suggests if he had come for your battle with him, his enemies might have been on his ft. Karn suggests let’s defeat his enemies now. Duryodhan he contains a decide to wipe out his enemies with out a struggle.

Precap: People burn Vaishali’s items telling she stayed with Karn without marrying him and is characterless. Karn enters.

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