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Suryaputra Karn 30th April 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Yudistra yells at Duryodhan that how can he insult him for Karn who gave his kavach kundal in charity. Karn enters and says his kavach kundal was his proective barrier and he is Duryodhan’s protective barrier.

Arjun target practices reminiscing Krishna and Draupadi’s words. He imagines Drona and Bhisma in target’s place and thinks how can he hold weapon against guru Drona and his greatgrand father Bhism, his hands are trembling for the first time, means it is wrong. Krishna enters and asks what hapened. He says why is his target missing, He can share what is in his mind. Arjun says he is tired, so missed target. Krishna says when he did not get tired in his life, how can he now and says it is okay, sometimes it happens with everyone. He invites him to have food together and says who knows if they don’t get a chance to have food together.

Duryodhan, Shakuni, Drona and others gather in a hall. Duryodhan asks Shakuni why did he call him here. Shakuni says he thought he called him here. Karn enters and says he called them all and one warrior is yet to come. Bhism enters and says he did not wish to come here, but came on Karn’s insistence. Duryodhan asks Karn why did he call them here. Karn says he was making mistake, so as a friend he called him here to stop him. He requests Duryodhan to make Bhism senapati again and until Bhism guides army, he will not take part in war. Shakuni smirks. Duryodhan says Karn he needs him most. Karn asks more than Bhism, says he has lost his protective barrier and Bhim is protective barrier of Hastinapur, nobody is capable than Bhism, not even him. Bhism is famous for his patience and intelligence and he respects him for that, if he wants him to be away from war, then there must be some reason. He wants Duryodhan to win this war and can sacrifice 1000 dreams for that. Duryodhan gets emotional. He then kneels down and says Bhism that without him, Kauravs cannot win war and requests to reaccept his position. Bhism accepts his bow. Karn chants har har mahadev..

Krishna gathers all pandavs and prays for their unity and power. He chants mantras and Pandavs repeat. Everone starts eating except Arjun. Arjun sees everyone feeding each other.

Vrishasen comes to Karn’s room and says it is midnight and he should rest. Karn says he needs rest most as he is taking part in war, he is proud that his son will take part in world’s biggest war.

Arjun says he is sad that Krishna is not taking part in war and his wish is incomplete. Krishna says wish will be fuflilled if it is very strong. He announces that he will be in war without weapon and will help Arjun by becoming his charioteer. Arjun emotionally looks at Krishna and says he cannot let him sit below him. Krishna says who sits below and who sits above depends on viewer. He wants to become his charioteer to stop him from missing his route. Arjun says he is very lucky to have him as charioteer and will not miss route.

PRecap: Duryodhan prays shivji and announces war. Pandavs pray kaali maa. Voiceover makes Mahabharat’s announcement.

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