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Suryaputra Karn 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Karn leaves home telling his parents that he will return only after getting education from guru Parashuram, else will never come back. Adhirath addresses Surya dev that he could take care of Surya putra karn until he was under his control and now it is his turn to take care of sooth putra Radhe.

Dhrona teaches Arjun to shoot on flies, but he does not learn it. Dhrona asks him to practice until he succeeds, till then he will not get another lesson. Arjun gets sad and continues practice.

Karn reaches guru Parashuram’s place and reaches a brahmin guru’s ashram. Brahmin recites veda shlok and asks his students to repeat it. Nobody does. Karn says he can and repeats shlok. Guru praises him and asks who is he. He says he is karn and came to learn vedas from him. Guru asks what will he give him as fees. Karn gives his bow and arrow and clothes and says that is all he has. Guru says he needs his sincerity and purity and not wealth and says he is both pure and sincere, so he will teach him. He asks student to tonsure karn’s head and then asks karn to go and take bath. Karn takes bath in river and comes for studies. Guru says he needs to learn gayatri mantri for purity and recites it. Karn reminisces Shon reciting gayatri mantra and repeats it with teary eyes. Guru asks if he is healthy. Karn says he was not as healthy as now. Guru starts teachings and at night asks him to rest. Karn says he will practice vedas. Guru says his other students are getting jealous seeing his dedication. Karn says one guru told knowledge is like a river and he wants to go deep into it. Guru asks who is his guru and what are his other teachings. Karn says he did not learn any knowledge from guru, but realized his motto in life.

Dhrona tells his students that his lessons will be very tough and whoever stands till last will pass exam. Arjun enters and shoots fly with his arrow. Dhrona says Arjun is winner of today’s exam. Duryodhan, Dushyasan, and Ashwatthama get jealous while Pandav putra’s get happy. Karn walks sadly. Bheem follows him and asks why is he sad even after winning today’s exam and praised by guru. Arjun says he has a different motto and leaves.

After instructing all vedas, Expert congratulates Karn. Karn asks him to request his guru dakshina/service fees. Guru suggests he learnt 4 vedas in these types of a short span, that may be moer than his Expert dakshina. Karn seems to be at Parashuram’s mountain and suggests he has achieved the ways to succeed in him and begins climbing mountain.

Arjun throws stone in air and shoots arrow, but misses stone. Dhrona states he can teach him this know-how easily. Arjun asks him to show then. Dhrona suggests then how will be develop into environment’s best warrior, he would like him to control his all five senses and when he will get drained, he will become best warrior after which He’ll phone him Panchal. He has to exercise a good deal. Karn suggests He’s working towards a whole lot. Dhrona retains sand in his hand and states mud slips from hand and fingers will probably be empty yet again, observe is additionally identical, he needs to exercise a good deal and try to hold his capabilities like sand.

Karn reaches moutain’s peak and sees an ashram and Expert Parashuram chanting mantras.

Precap: Parashuram angrily asks who broke his tapasya. Karn says he did and desires to understand archery from him. Parashuram claims why he arrives again regularly even right after being rejected.

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