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Suryaputra Karn 29th September 2015 Written Update

Karn tells Arjun he is protecting palace’s flag, but when he will return after becoming a best archer, he may not be able to protect his flag. Arjun says he is with him with his sorrows, but not when he is opposing rules. Karn asks rules are made to trouble low caste people and his brother was killed for opposing injustice. Yudistra says his brother was punished for his mistake. Karn asks what mistake he is talking about, Bhism kidnapped a woman whom he did not have right on, but he is talking about justice here. Bhim gets irked and tries to attack karn with his gadha. Karn shoots his arrow and breaks his gadha. Arjun tries to move and Karn shoots on his footwear. Arjun takes arrow to shoot when Kunti stops them both and says Karn her sons will not stop her as she blessed her to go on the path of truth. Karn says bringing change in his path now and leaves greeting her.

Shakuni watches whole incident with Duryodhan and tells Duryodhan that he should really befriend with Karn now to take advantage of him. Duryodhan stops karn and states he hopes to be part of his struggle and needs to be his Good friend. Karn claims he has got to endure his discomfort to be his Mate. Duryodhan states he is ready. Karn states he can not and leaves. Shakuni comes and asks him not to worry as his arrows will shoot for him. Duryodhan suggests he wishes also his friendship as he is fighting for his throne and karn for his dignity. Shakuni suggests he will get karn’s friendship of course and gives his evil smile.

Khatriyas beat sooths and one among sooths pleads their leader to pay his entire wage. Chief says he will not likely which is about to get rid of him with his sword when Karn enters and breaks his sword with arrow. He kills all khatriya’s and when is about to destroy very last just one, he pleads never to eliminate him and go and learn divyastra like Bhism to struggle with Khatriyas. Karn starts thinking.

Expert Dhrona addresses rajkmumars that he will teach them weapons and they’re able to understand no matter what weapon they like and he is bound all his 106 pupils will find out effectively. Duryodhan states They may be one zero five. Dhrona states his son Ashwaththama may also understand and will be to start with frequent gentleman to know his guru Parashuram’s know-how.

Vaishali tells Karn he need to master from Expert Dhrona. Karn asks why will dhrona educate a sooth putra. She states each Trainer searches for a able college student and she is sure he will settle for him as his university student. Karn claims He’ll endeavor to persuade Dhrona.

Dhrona asks Arjun to issue arrow on tree and if he can see fowl. Arjun says he can see chicken’s eye. Dhrona asks him to shoot eye then and following shooting claims he has capabilities of becoming environment’s greatest archer and blesses him. Duryodhan and his brothers get irked and Duryodhan asks why is he favoring Arjun. Dhrona states he is not favoring anyone and just saw Arjun’s abilities. Ashwatthama asks why is he disregarding him even just after currently being his son. Dhrona claims university student learns from his lecturers’s gestures and arjun learns it competently. Ashwatthama asks what features arjun has that he’s praising him so much. Dhrona states he will know it before long and then gets into river to pray. A crocodile assaults him. All learners stand in the financial institution of river shouting. Karn enters there.

Precap: Dhrona says he has taken oath to make Arjun world’s best archer and asks Arjun if he will. Arjun cuts his thumb on arrow head and says he will. Karn watches hiding behind tree and says he will become greater archer than Arjun.

Written Update By Sahir


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