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Suryaputra Karn 29th July 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Balram sees inebriated Samb beating someone and says he cannot believe Samb is Krishna’s son. Samb says he is ashamed of calling himself trickster Krishna’s son who destroyed his father-in-law’s family. Krishna comes there and scolds Samb that he is ashamed to call him his son as he left mahabharat in between and ran away, leaving his friend Vrishasen alone. Samb says he tricked and developed fear in his mind. Krishna says he was heading narayani sena and if he would have got defeated, it was shame for his army. Laxmana comes there and he asks her to feed him food. Laxmana takes him to dining room.

Krishna sits for dinner and starts talking emotionally. Samb’s friend continues serving him alcohol until he starts drooling and says he has arranged an entertainment for him and takes him to a sadhu’s den and says Sadhu he heard he can predict future. Sadhu says yes. He asks what will he get, girl or boy. Sadhu says girl. Samb asks if he will bear a child from his stomach and what will he bear. Sadhu gets furious and says he is insulting him under inebriation, so will bear a wooden plank from his stomach after 7 says. Samb gets angry and tries to beat sadhu. His friend stops him and asks to apologize Sadhu as sadhu’s curse will always work. Samb says no and leaves. Friend gets tensed.

Krishna gets up from dining table and apologizes Laxmana that he cannot bless her to be saubhagyavati forever. He then goes out and asks Samb’s friend why did not he stop Samb from getting curse. Friend says Samb was uncontrollable. After 7 days, Samb gets severe stomach pain and says his friend sadhu’s curse is working and he feels he will bear a wooden plank.

Precap: Krishna introduces Hastinapur’s yuvrajs Abhimany’s son Parikshit and Karn’s son Vrishaketu. Sadhu gives wooden plank to Krishna and says this will destroy his family

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