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Suryaputra Karn 26th May 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of eposide moral gyaan. Karn does morning pooja near sea bed. Supriya comes and he asks if she needs anything. She asks if he can return her son’s life. He says no. She says he is not that big daani to return her son’s life back in charity and says she wants to go go away from him for some time until his face does not remind her of her son’s death. He says she can go, but she will one day remeber him.

Karn touches battliefield soil and reminisces his guru Parashuram’s words that he will be mrityunjai, Bhism telling tomorrow people will see his bravery, dying Vrishasen asking him to win the war. He then picks bow and looks at it.

Battlefield starts. Kauravs attack Nakul. Bheem shouts they should protect Nakul. A fog forms and chariot is seen coming. Krishna welcomes Karn. Karn face is shown. Duryodhan and other Kauravs get happy seenig him. Karn addess Arjun that he has come to finish their unfinished battle. Arjun says he had defeated him in Virat and even today he will defeat him. Karn says let us see who will defeat him. Their fight starts. Karn gets Indra’s gifted astra. Krishna gets tensed. Karn says he can use Arjun’s father’s gifted astra on him, but will not as people will think he is a coward. He pulls back astra and attacks Arjun. Their fight continues. Karn arrows overpower Arjun. Krishna warns Arjun that Bhism was just stopping his attacks, but Karn will retaliate.

Karn looks at suryadev and says his son does not need special powers. Bheem rushes towards Kauravs. Dushyasan stops him, but he injures Dushyasan and warns him to go and get his brothers ready to die.

Arjun attacks Karn with special astra. It hits chariot and chariot gets unstable. Chariot warns Karn to be careful.

Precap: Arjun’s chariot pushes back with Karn’s attack. Krishna praises him. Arjun asks why is he praising Karn. Krishna says hanuman is sitting on their chariot, even then chariot pushed back with Karn’s attack, he is a great warrior.

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