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Suryaputra Karn 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Karn entering evaluation location on air chariot from sky. Khatriya boy asks how dare he is to insult Bhism by coming by way of air. Karn claims he needed Bhism to take a look at him with happy. Dushyasan asks how dare he is to speak in front of Bhism. Bhism asks where by did he understand constructing air chariot. Karn claims he learnt it from religious scripture and offers an instance that Ram came to his city through air chariot. Dushyashan asks how dare He’s to develop air chariot staying a sooth and asks soldier to behead him. Soldier attacks Karn and karn effortlessly throws him on floor. Dushyashan asks Bhism to punish karn.

Bhism states asks Dushyashan to sit and suggests He’ll punish karn afterwards. He says karn he was learning chariot driving considering that three yrs, if he is aware to travel chariot on floor or only in sky. Karn suggests he is born to fly in sky and he had taken his ground examination way back, He’ll again if he wants. Guru asks karn to convey his chariot. Karn agrees and leaves.

Karn sees charioteers wounded and asks who hurt them. One of them states These are paying for getting a sooth and Dhritarastra’s sons punish them usually. Karn’s Good friend suggests Dushyashan tied them instead of horse and thrashed them with hunter. Charioteer states they took horse close to river and tigers arrived there, in order that they freed horses and climbed tree, Dushyashan acquired indignant and tied them rather than horses and tortured them. Karn asks them to battle. Charioteer claims if he can hold weapon, he can battle. Karn suggests energy will not be in weapon but in arms and states they might Look at a demon by him now.

Karn delivers chariot to evaluation location. Expert states charioteer’s duty is to save a one who rides chariot from all hurdles, so he has produced quite a few hurdles for his assessment. Karn tells bhism with no another person riding, he are unable to show his expertise and asks Dushyashan to take a seat on chariot. Dushyashan states he are unable to. Bhim asks if he isn’t courageous, he can sit. Dushyashan agrees hesitantly and sits on chariot.

Karn starts off Using chariot and Dushyashan commences rolling up and down. Karn taunts him that it is not his cup of tea to take a seat on chariot. Dushyashan falls down. Karn then picks him up and places back on chariot. Dushyashan falls up and down once more. Karn asks him to hold chariot instead and display his khshatriya ability. Dushyashan falls continuously and karn enjoys punishing him. Dushyashan falls from chariot once more. Karn asks if He’s hurt, picks him and throws on chariot all over again. He rides chariot all over again roughly among hearth, air, drinking water, stones, and many others. Dushyashan gets extra frightened. Karn then passes by using thorns and stops chariot spontaneously. Dushyashan jumps which is going to fall on thorns when Karn retains him and puts on chariot again. Karn then stops chariot. Dushyashan’s friend operates and picks him from chariot. Karnthen walks in direction of Bhism and asks his scores. Bhism comes down and stands before him.

Precap: Bhism says Karn that he unsuccessful in his Examination. He will reexamine him on vasant utsav. Karn says He’ll wait.

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