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Suryaputra Karn 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Radha happily praises her son Karn that he is equal to khatriyas now. Kunti on the other side tells Adhirath if Karn does not accept to become Ang raj, he will not be under Duryodhan’s favor and will not fight with Arjun. Adhirath reaches home and tells Karn that him, Radha or Tauji will not attend his raj abhishek and he should not also attend. Tauji asks Adhirath how can stop Karn from his raj abhishek if he has gone mad. Adhirath says Duryodhan is trying to hold him under his favor and rule over him. Karn says Duryodhan is the one who got him respect in life, so he will never leave his friendship and is ready to be bound whole life. He continues that he cannot sadden his people who are hoping high on him. Radha and other sooths are seeing dancing outside. Radha asks Adhirath how can he stop his son like this. Adhirath says his words are final and she will not attend Karn’s rajabhishek. Karn says his mother is his inspiration and she is the one who gave him weapon..

Karn’s raj abhishek begins together with his milk bathing then He’s dorned jewellery and flowers. Radha and Adhirath also show up at raj abhishek and cry emotionally when folks chant Ang Raj Karn ki..jai ho…

Kunti requests Dhritrarastra to Permit her perform Karn’s raj abhishek as she considers Karn also her son and doesn’t uncover any difference between him and Arjun. Dhritrarastra suggests she is excellent to Consider noble and permits her. Bheem fumes and asks Yudistra how can mother perform their enemy’s raj abhishek. Yudistra suggests mother respects all warriors and proved that she is great. Karn looks Kunti smilingly while she walks toward him. Kunti says mom will get a gift when she performs raj abhishek and suggests she wants… Bhism interferes and taunts Karn that his desire of sitting among the rajkumars is fulfilled, but he has got to show that he is effective at ruling Ang pradesh as Ang pradesh can be a brutal land.

Precap: Karn stops Bhism from crowning him and claims he won’t have on crown right up until he delivers steadiness in Ang pradesh.

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