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Suryaputra Karn 21st April 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn wakes up and sees Suryadev in front of him. He gets up and wishes him pranipath. Suryadev blesses him. Karn sayswhy did he come here, he was coming in the morning anyways to pray him. Suryadev asks him not to come in the morning to pray him, else he will lose a lot. Karn asks why. Suryadev says he promised to give whatever is asked in charity when he prays suryadev in the morning. Karn asks what is the issue in this. Suryadev says Indira has planned to come in the morning as brahmin to ask chairity. Karn says to ask kavach kundal in charity. Suryadev asks if he knew it already. Karn says he realized when Suryadev himself has come, then there must be something important. Suryadev asks him again not to come in the morning, else he will not rise tomorrow. Karn asks him to do his duty and let him do his duty. Suryadev leaves.

Karn turns and sees Vrishasen standing. Vrishasen says he heard it everything. Karn tells him whole story how he was burn to a woman (kunti) by Suryadev’s boon and rest of the story. Vrishasen asks him if he will go in the morning then. Karn says he will go as it is question of his pride. Vrishasen asks him again not to go. Karn says he has to go as he is not dependent on kavach kundal and his pride of being Radha and Adhirath’s son, etc., are important to him. He asks Vrishasen not to tell this to anyone if he respects him as a father or a warrior and asks him to go now.

Krishna tells Arjun today sun should not rise, else there would be a problem. Arjun says sunrise is nature’s duty. Krishna gives some moral gyaan. Indira dev comes in brahmin’s avatar and greets them. Arjun says he did not identify him. Indra says he is warrior, so he is so busy that he cannot remember many people. He continues praising Arjun. Arjun thanks him. Indra dev blesses him to win over his enemy. He then tells Krishna he knows what he means, but Suryadev’s duty is to brigthen the world. Krishna says it is everyone’s duty to follow their duty selflessly and continues confronting Indradev. Indradev says he does not know all this, he just wants to see if a son will keep his promise. He blesses Arjun again and leaves.

In the morning, Karn gets ready for prayers. Vrishasen requests him not to go. Karn says he has to as it is sooth putra’s duty to follow his promise.

Precap: Vrishasen alleges Arjun for sending his father to take Karn’s kavacach kundal. Karn asks Indradev what he needs in charity.

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