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Suryaputra Karn 1st October 2015 Written Update

Karn angrily tells Vaishali that khatriyas think he cannot become world’s best archer if Drona does not teach him, they are all wrong. Adhirath comes with tauji and says Radha is waiting for him at home. Karn says Radha is waiting for her 2 sons and how can he alone go. Tauji says he is Radha’s medicine and should go home. Karn agrees and reaches home. Radha serves them food. Adhirath says they should leave this place. Karn says wherever they go, people like Bhism and Dhrona will be there, he has to get justice for Shon and community. Tauji asks what will he do now. He says he will learn archery from gurus who taught Bhism and Drona. Tauji says their guru is same. Karn asks who is he. Adirath shouts to have food first. Karn asks Tauji to tell. Adhirath tells Tauji if he tells who is their guru, he will see his dead face. Karn says him he has to tell then. He asks not to force him and leaves.

Bhism tells his college students that his Expert is bhagwan Parashuram and asks what would any person do if his weapon breaks during war. Students stand silently. He picks grass sliver and throws it and it bursts similar to a bomb. He then states his Expert told if our brain and motto are pure, we are able to use nearly anything like weapon. Duryodhan asks if he will educate him the weapon he utilised just now. He suggests absolutely sure but just for his students to proves himself, checking out Karn. Duryodhan and Ashwatthama get jealous. He asks Arjun to meet him in the morning as he hopes to teach him a little something Exclusive.

Radha tells Karn that Tauji explained to that is Bhism and Dhrona’s Expert. Karn retains her legs and asks that is he. She says Parashuram who stays distant like a standard brahmin. Adhirath enters with Tauji. Karn leaves greeting them. Adhirath scolds Radha for telling Karn about Parashuram. Radha suggests she was not certain by his promise. Tauji says Adhirath can’t cease flowing river. Adhirath says he hopes to quit potential mishap.

In the morning, Dhrona teaches Arjun to shoot flies in air and asks him to use his 6th sense and look at his target.

Radha performs Karn’s aarti. He touches her feet and asks to bless him. She blesses to return successfully. He then touches Tauji’s feet. Tauji hugs him and asks to return only after meeting his goal. He then tells Adhirath he is going on a tough path and needs his blessings. Adhirath says he has found path, not goal yet. Tauji gives some moral gyaan. He looks at Vaishali and leaves greeting family and telling he takes oath on his mother that they will see his face only after he becomes Parashuram’s student, else they will not see him again. Radha starts crying vigorously.

Precap: Karn reaches Mahendragiri where Parashuram resides.

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