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Suryaputra Karn 1st December 2015 Written Update

Draupadi reaches hastinapur. Krishna comes behind her and says new chapter of her life is starting. She says she does not know what to do next and asks why is she speaking to him. She says he is her well wisher, etc.., and starts giving he knowledge. Servant informs that Dhrupad and Dhistradymna has reached havan venue. Krishna takes Draupadi with him.

Karn looks at Kunti’s bracelet and cries before performing last rights. Duryodhan fumes seeing that. Kunti with pandavs are seen walking in jungle.

Krishna reaches havan venue with Draupadi. Draupad asks why did he call him here again when he will not help him in a battle with Hastinapur. Krishna says he is on his side. Draupad says then he will win for sure. Krishna says he is making mistakes repeatedly and says counts his mistakes that he loves his son Dhistradymna more than Drapadi, he is arrogant, etc. etc…

After performing Pandavs last rights, Duryodhan requests Karn to attend his yuvraj throning ceremony for their friendship sake. Karn agrees and says he will come for the last time.

Krishna continues couting Draupad’s mistakes and then says Dhistradymna is also arrogant and he wants to see if he can defeat guru Drona. Dhistradymna angrily attacks Krisha while Draupad shouts not to. Krishna easily defeats Dhistradymna. Drupad apologizes for his mistake and says he knows value of his daughter Draupadi now. Krishna says his first task should to be to arrange Draupadi’s swayamwar.

Everyone gather in raj bhavan for Duryodhan’s yuvraj throning ceremony. Bhism performs the rituals and dorn his throne. Shakuni shouts yuvraj Duryodhan ki jai ho. Karn attends it and walks out. Duryodhan follows him and requests to stop. Karn says their friendship is finished now and he will never meet him again.

Precap: Duryodhan burns his room and sits on his bed. Karn requests him to come out as he needs treatment. Duryodhan says his treatment is his friend. Karn takes Shon’s oath that he will be with his friend Duryodhan his whole life. Duryodhan and Shakuni smirk. 

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