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Suryaputra Karn 19th April 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episoe moral gyaan. Krishna tells Arjun that his brother Vikodhar/Bheem has returned and he should meet hhim. Arjun goes towards tent. Krishna says I am sorry warrior Barbarik.

Arjun enters tent, sees Bheem injured and getting medicineson his wounds and asks who dared to injure him. Barbarik says me. Arjun gets angry. Barbarik says he is Gatotkach’s son Barbarik. Arjun gets happy. Bheem says Barbarik is powerful that him. Krishna enters and says they got a warrior now. Barbarik says he can finish all his enemies and asks in howmuch time they think. Arjun says 3 days, Yudistra says 1 day. Barbarik says wrong,he can finish his all enemies in just 3 arrows. Krishna asks him to show proof.

Indra dev gets jealous seeing Karn’s charity and says he knows how to break his pride. Suryadev comes and says he will not let him harm his son. Inra laughs and says what will Karn do if brahmin asks his kavacha kundals in charity, if he gives Karn will lose, his son Arjun wll Kill Karn and if Karn does not, his pride of been daan veer karn will be lost.

Krishnna takes Barbarik near tree and asks him to destory all dry leaves of this tree and not touch green or half dry leaves. Barbarik says yes he can as his devi gave him boon that he cannot miss his target with these 3 arrows. Krishna says he can go ahead. Barbarik shoots arrow and it burns all dry leaves. Krishna says one leaf is left. Barbarik says it cannot be as his devi has given boon not to miss target. Krishna stands on leaf. Barbarik asks him to remove his foot from leaf, else arrow will shoot him. Devi comes and asks Krishna not to destroy her boon. Krishna removes foot and arrow burns dry leaf. Krishna says from now on, this foot will be his body’s weakest part and will be reason for his life’s end in human form.

Precap: Suryadev warns Karn not to accept brahmin’s request, else he will lose his everything.

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