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Suryaputra Karn 19 October 2015 Written Update

Duryodhan announces Karn as Ang pradhesh’s raja and says now he has every right to fight with Arjun. Karn says he does not need charity but dignity and self-respect of his community. Duryodhan says he is giving him gift for freeing him when his guru was busy praising Arjun. Bhism says he is not yet yuvraj, so he cannot make anyone raja like this. Shakuni tells Dhritarastra that Bhism is right, but it is a promise of rajkumar is promise of hastinapur. Dhritarastra says Duryodhan that he cannot make anyone raja like this, but since it is question of Hastinapur’s dignity, he will make Karn as Ang’s raja.

Duryodhan calls Karn as Ang raj Karn, hugs him and says he will be his friend for his life. Karn gets emotional and says his friendship is more than father and motherhood to him and he will be under the burden of his friendship for his life. Duryodhan asks Bhism if Karn can compete with Arjun now. Bhism angrily announces Karn and Arjun’s competition. Karn says Dhritarastra if he loses he will leave this city and if he wins, he needs his sooth community people to be given respect and positions they deserve. Duryodhan promises that he will on his father’s behalf.

Karn and Arjun’s competition starts. People chant Ang Raj Karn ki jai ho, rajkumar Arjun ki jai ho. Arjun taunts karn that it is not a child’s play. Karn says he will make him feel like a child todfay and shoots arrow. Arjun also shoots. Arrows hit each other and bursts and Arjun feels impact. People chant Ang Raj Karn ki jai ho. Arjun then shoots. Karn activates his kavacha kundals/protective shield and arrows breaks on Karn’s body. Kunti realizes that Karn is her son and gets emotional.

Karn challenges Arjun next that his next arrow will not reach him at all. Arjun says his next arrow will reach and even kick him out of battle field. Bhism says it is bhayastra and Arjun wants to frighten Karn. Arjun shoots arrow. Karn gets afraid reminiscing Shon and calls his name. He then reminisces guru Parashuram’s words that he should use his fear and pain in his favor and make them his weapon. He shoots arrow and Arjun’s fear illusion breaks. People chant Ang Raj Karn ki jai.

Duryodhan praises Karn’s capabilities. Shakuni thinks god is in his favor these days. Drona thinks Arjun designed slip-up through the use of bhayastra.. Karn then shoots arrow and yet another astra. Bhism claims this astra is quite dangerous. Drona suggests Arjun will reply perfectly. Arjun shoots mrityunjai astra. Folks chant kunti putra Arjun ki jai…Kunti gets concerned for equally of her sons observing them taking pictures one another. Drona states Arjun is using Tej Pratha asthra and desires to interrupt Karn’s bow. Bhism states even Karn is making use of exact same astra. Kunti thinks in between her sons’ combat, her heart is finding hurt.

Precap: Bhim sees Karn and Arjun employing brahmatra and tells Drona it is very unsafe astra. Kunti prays suryadev to guard her the two sons.

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