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Suryaputra Karn 18th July 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna tells start of episode moral gyaan. Yudistra says it is against rules to touch Duryodhan below waist and attack his thigh. Krishna says killing Duryodhan is dharma. Pandavs check Duryodhan in tent and says he is no where. Krishna says sin does not hide and even sinner’s blood. He shows blood stained foot steps.

Pandavs follow footsteps to a lake. Bheem asks Krishna if Duryodhan is inside lake. Krishna nods yes. Duryodhan is seen meditating under river. Bheem shouts at Duryodhan that he is coward to hide in river, Shakuni is better warrior than him. Krishna gives him dice and he throws it in river. Dice falls in front of Duryodhan. Duryodhan opens eyes and picks dice. Bheem continues shouting that his elder brother Karn would be ashamed of him to call a coward as friend. Duryodhan reminisces Karn telling Pandavs that Duryodhan would be a better king than them and comes out of water.

Bheem continues insulting Duryodhan with his tricky words and provokes him for war. Duryodhan says he is ready to fight but with one Pandav at a time. Krishna tricks him with his words that if he fights with Nakul and Sahdev, even if he hits them 100 times, if they hit him one time, they will be called a great warrior. He should fight with Yudistra instead as he will be called great king if he kills Yudistra. Duryodhan says he will not fall for Krishna’s tricks and will fight with one who killed his 99 brothers and will give them honor. Bheem says then why is he waiting and is about to attack with his gadha when Balram comes and stops them.

Precap: Balram tells Bheem that he should fight with Duryodhan without any trick. Bheem hits Durodhan and gets tired.

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