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Suryaputra Karn 14th October 2015 Written Update

Vaishali asks Karn if he has kept his promise and became world’s best warrior. Karn asks how he can prove it. She says he should prove in competition venue.

Shakuni is about to throw dice when Bhism says he will. Shakuni prays that Duryodhan and Arjun should not fight. Bhism throws dice and number 2 and 5 (Duryodhan and Bheem) come. Shakuni laughs. Duryodhan fights with Bheem and throws him on earth. He then laughs, calls Bheem as Pavan putra and says he has 2 fathers. Bheem gets angry and hits Duryodhan and throws on floor. Duryodhan bleeds. Drona stops Bheem and says he is out of competition now as he made Duryodhan bleed. Bheem walks out angrily while Duryodhan smirks.

Vaishali asks Karn how will he enter competition. Karn says Drona and Bhism will invite him as they are also guru Parashuram’s students.

Shakuni throws dice and Arjun and Yudistra’s number comes. Yudistra asks Arjun to attack him. Arjun asks how can he attack him. Vasihali with Karn watches competition from top and asks if Arjun will attack Yudistra. Karn as he knows Yudistra, he will convince Arjun to attack him. Yudistra says Arjun that the people he fought with just now are also his brothers, so he should think this as competition and attack him with his arrows. Arjun stands silently. Yudistra says if he cannot attack him, then he will attack.

Vishali asks Karn if Arjun will just help save himself than attacking. Karn suggests often escaping from opponent’s attacks and generating him exhausted tends to make one particular gain of course. Yudistra gets his weapon, but Arjunwith his arrows breaks them all and he at last throws a lot of arrows that they all create a seat for Yudistra to take a seat. Yudistra and everybody smile. Arjun says Yudistra if he shoots following arrow it can strike his chest, so he desires his authorization to halt this Level of competition. Yudistra permits and suggests Drona that he accepts defeat by Arjun. Folks chant Arjun’s title.

Ashwatthama angrily asks shakuni why he told he could make two brothers to combat, but below They are really respecting each other. Shakuni claims it can be his turn to lure Arjun in his magic and make Arjun lick the dust. Ashwatthama suggests it is going to happen needless to say.

Karn watches Arjun’s techniques and praises him and Drona for offering him a outstanding competition.

Precap: Drona announces Arjun as world’s ideal warrior and asks if any individual can obstacle him. Karn enters and accepts problem.

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