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Suryaputra Karn 14th May 2016 Written Update

arj shoots arrow on sky which is formed as a wheel .like sudharshan .thy said the name but I can’t hear properly. the speciality of its is it makes illusion in opposite warriors which thy get confuse and assume ther enemy in among them and fight with ther own army ..

so the effect goes on –aswathm assumes arj in dussy .dussy assumes bhim in ashwat and they fighting vigorously ..

bhishm stayed with dury dron proceed further arj comes to stop dron praise arj then NS came to stop him .from shoots arrows on then and goes forward…

kri mentioned the only astra to break this illusion is sathyakirthi astra .arj tells this to abhi and mentions who knows this well like bhishm .dron.karn .
again kri praises vrish too know .we should stop him …
vrish starts to break it tht tym abhi comes and stops him and ther conversation was good .both of them respect each war skills much as thy heard from elders ..

finelly vrish managed to shoot arrow .breaks the illusion .meanwhile abhi shoots arrows on vrish which made him badly injured ..

karn saw om symbol on sky .says I’m proud of you son. right then one of soldier came and inform karn vrish injured badly ..karn shocked ..

bhishm arj scene .arj is hesitate a bit to fight .kri and bhishm reminds him dnt stop start war .don’t struggle btn love on elders fight for justice …arj starts war ..navi was soo good ..

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