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Suryaputra Karn 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Tauji questioning king Pandav if he is king pandav. Pandav says He’s ex-king. Tauji suggests he wasn’t current in the course of his marriage with Kunti. Sushim receives tensed Listening to that and claims tauji they should go and research Karn. Pandav says Karn is safe together with his wife kunti. Suhsim insists and will take Tauji from there.

Kunti walks in jungle to uncover musk deer for karn. They both of those rest in close proximity to river financial institution. She asks him to snooze on her lap and asks if he sleeps on her mom’s lap and she must be anxious for him. Karn gets sad. she asks him to sleep now for a long time and even receives emotional even though pampering him along with her motherly love.

Tauji suggests Sushim he mustn’t worry about Karn as he is with Kunti. Sushim says which is the largest worry as Kutni may very well be harmed as a result of Karn’s bravery.

Karn wakes up and asks Kunti to help him now get musk deer. He runs guiding deer and reaches a cliff. Kunti is about to slip from cliff when Karn pushes her and falls instead. Kunti will get fearful and operates down. Karn falls into river and his kavacha kundals activate preserving him from any damage. Kunti runs down in direction of river bank and sees Karn sitting down in a very shock. She asks what took place, why is he so stunned. He states he remembers falling into river. He asks what up coming.. Just then Sushim arrives there and Karn runs and hugs him. Kunti identifies him as her father’s charioteer. He says he is and Karn is his son. Kunti is stunned to listen to that.

Pandav sees Bhism engrapsed in thought and asks what is worrying him. Bhism states his life is incomplete with no providing kingdom and qualified king. Pandav suggests elder brother has taken his accountability to be a king. Bhism claims people several not acknowledge blind Dhritarastra as king.

Kunti will make Karn slumber on her lap and asks Sushim to Permit him relaxation for a while. She asks why did he depart his career as charioteer when he was about to be head charioteer. He suggests he was meant to, but experienced to leave as Karn can endure only on mountain herbs.

Pandav says Bhism that Dhritarastra’s son can become king. Bhism says Dhritarastra’s spouse is Expecting given that one yr and folks are speaking that on account of royal relatives’s sin, they are not getting capable king.

Precap: Tauji asks Sushim to inform Radha how Kunti was fond of Karn and asks her to accept Karn, else he will just take Karn along with him and sign up for Kunti like a charioteer. Sushim asks Priyamvada why should karn be deprived of Kunti’s appreciate. Kunti hears that and walks in direction of Karn with motherly like in her eyes.

Written Update By Sahir


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