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Sumit Sambhal Lega 9th October 2015 Written Update

Sumit going to London for his cricket series. Maya talks to him and they have a sweet moment. Dolly comes to do his aarti. Jasbir tells Maya about planting in her costly tea cups. Jasbir gives shopping list and asks Sumit to get few things for him. Sumit reads the list and says he can’t get it. Sumit gets his boss’ call and says I m leaving, taxi has come, what I don’t need to come, why, oh… Maya asks what happened. Sumit says my London trip got cancelled, boss is sending new guy Tiwari. He gets sad and says Tiwari will side me, move ahead and win everyone, no one will need me. Jasbir says so sad, run and go to give this list to Tiwari.

Sumit does not play well in cricket and is depressed. Rajneesh checks him and says nothing, he is just sad. Sumit asks them to joke on him. A man tells about Potli baba, he has given a good advice. Rajneesh says I m in depression since childhood and hears them. The man says to move on in life, just get new thoughts, make a list and note wishes of what you want to do before dying, your life will get a direction. Rajneesh says he wants to climb mount everest. The man asks Sumit to think.

Maya reads Sumit’s diary and asks what happened to him is he still depressed. Sumit says I want to move on. Maya asks is he having any affair and tries to take his book. He gives her the book. She reads his wishes. She asks him to think bigger. Sumit has his small wishes and says he has no dreams. She says I want to open boutique and sell cute kids clothes. He asks who will cook at home. She says fine, I will cook, you do the tailoring work. He says then you will get famous and people will call me Lallu. She says they still say, I m joking, don’t get depressing. She says I know you don’t have dreams, as your all dreams are fulfilled, you have everything in your life. She asks him to enjoy. He asks what will I do, if all my dreams are completed.

He goes to Dolly and asks about his childhood dreams. Jasbir says Rajneesh or you used to wet the bed every night. Rajneesh asks Dolly to give raw eggs, he is preparing to climb mount everest. Dolly says don’t worry, I will get pretty girl for you, don’t take sanyaas on mountain. Rajneesh says no, its my dream, potli baba asked to fulfill dreams before death. Jasbir asks him to get momos before coming. Sumit asks dad to get serious about Rajneesh’s dream, I m saying by heart, I m jealous.

Rajneesh asks really? Sumit says yes, atleast you have a dream, I don’t have anything. Rajneesh asks what, you have a floor, car, wife, two children, and even Maa, this is my real dream, you have everything and you are depressed, the one who don’t have anything, understands the real pain. He gets hurt and cancels mount everest climbing. He asks Dolly to make omelet. Jasbir misses his momos.

Jasbir tells his dream about bungee jumping. Jasbir tells about residing everyday living for the fullest, as Loss of life can appear anytime. Sumit receives terrified and many thanks him to make him be concerned. Jasbir suggests mention not. Dolly asks Jasbir never to scare Sumit. Jasbir states Absolutely everyone’s time will occur. Dolly claims I’ve well prepared what to do just after I die. Sumit gets more frustrated seeing them argue. He goes to Maya and talks depressing once again. Maya suggests All people get frustrated from time to time, I was frustrated right after pregnancy and in some cases very last thirty day period.

She states I see my kids and you, then I feel everything will likely be high-quality, I do know you will always want me, like I will generally will need you, we are incredibly imp for one another. He asks why did she not explain to him ahead of and hugs her. He sees the news that match in London bought cancelled by large rains. Maya says this means we don’t know what is going to take place tomorrow, don’t get frustrated so shortly. He states Certainly, its real contentment to joke on Tiwari. Jasbir and relatives Opt for bungee leaping. Jasbir states I will full my dream and does bungee jumping.

Jasbir has no license and drives the car. Rajneesh gets his complain.

Written Update By Sahir


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