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Sumit Sambhal Lega 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Jasbir and Dollly suggesting about Avi’s mundan/hair removal. Maya and Sumit oppose it and lie. Dolly and Jasbir ask about Aaliya’s mundan and gets to know they did not do it. They now plan to do Avi’s mundan and make it a grand event. Maya worries. Maya sees Avi’s pic and kisses his hair. She says mundan is not done, kids will tease Avi at school. Sumit says my parents just want his hair, hair will come again. She says my mundan never happened, see my hair is so good. He says like your family perms hair, we have mundan ritual, please agree. She says fine, we will get it done.

Rajneesh comes asking for mobile charger. He sees Sumit holding Maya’s hand and sitting on knees. He says I m glad I m bachelor. Sumit tells about Avi’s mundan. Rajneesh tells about the marks left on his head. He scares Maya. Maya asks is this mundan or any horror story. Sumit asks did he come to take charger or charge Maya. Rajneesh says its good shagun if it bleeds in mundan. Maya says Avi’s mundan won’t happen. Sumit shouts Rajneesh….

Sumit comes to convince Dolly and Jasbir, while they make guest list and food menu. Sumit says I m not sent by Maya, I was thinking we will not keep mundan… I mean we can just shave some hair, why to do mundan. Dolly says relatives are coming, they will get angry. Jasbir says our nose will get cut, I think its Maya’s idea. Dolly says yes. Sumit says this is my idea, I m Avi’s dad. Jasbir says I m not dad, I will get your mundan, Kallu will do it next week. Sumit says but Kallu, he has done cut at Rajneesh’s time. Jasbir says he is an artist. Sumit says he might have gone old now. Jasbir says talent increases with time.

Kallu comes and greets them. Jasbir gives him money. Sumit sees his hand moving. Rajneesh comes in uniform and screams seeing Kallu. Maya combs Avi’s hair and says she won’t get his mundan done. Sumit comes and she says you maybe have lost to Dolly. He says I told them, Avi’s mundan will happen in our style, light hair cut by your hair stylist, they agreed, I did not give them choice. She gets glad and goes to get appointment by Jojo. Avi says Papa is best. Sumit smiles.

Sumit comes to Rajneesh and asks does he want to take revenge from Kallu. Rajneesh asks is he stuck between two floors again. Sumit asks how does he know this. He tells him everything and asks him to help. Rajneesh asks him not to run away from him. He says we will make Avi underground for few months. Sumit asks did he think Avi is gangster. Rajneesh asks him to run away.

Next day, Maya gives sandwish to Rajneesh and Sumit. She says she will show Avi’s new hairstyle. She says Sumit got this approved by Dolly. Rajneesh asks really Sumit, is one lie not enough. Maya says Sumit solved a big problem, he is everyone’s fav and can do anything. Rajneesh gets upset and says I can also become fav, but I have a right inner voice. Maya asks what does he mean. Sumit stops Rajneesh from telling the truth. Maya says let him say. Sumit asks Rajneesh to go for duty. Rajneesh calls him a coward and says I m brave. He opens the door and screams seeing Kallu. He says its my bad dream. Maya opens door and sees Dolly. She says this is my dialogue, my bad dream.

Dolly and Jasbir see Kallu. Jasbir states the mahurat is nowadays and asks Kallu to get started on. Maya requires Avi and stops Kallu. Dolly claims I’m sure you are bluffing. Maya checks it and suggests I’ve boiled it effectively. Jasbir claims I gave 300rs, Kallu cut the hair. Maya stops him by his razor and says sorry, This is often yours. Sumit asks Rajneesh that can help him. Rajneesh says I can run absent with you. Jasbir asks Maya to regulate. Jasbir will get damage because of the milk bottle and Dolly asks for physician. Jasbir asks Kallu not to leave Avi and do mundan… Sumit jumps in between to halt them.

Sumit asks them to complete his mundan… Kallu suggests fantastic. Rajneesh twists Kallu’s hand and stops him. Dolly claims go away him. Kallu suggests my hand just isn’t shaking now. Jasbir asks Rajneesh did he break Kallu’s hand. Kallu scolds Rajneesh. Dolly says mahurat has handed, not future mahurat is just after six months. Jasbir asks for refund. Kallu refuses. Jasbir asks him to chop hair. Kallu cuts Jasbir’s hair. Jasbir asks him to cut a lot more hair rather refund. All of them smile.

Sumit is in reunion and not a soul remembers Sumit. He receives unhappy. Sumit and Rajneesh dance at home.

Written Update By Sahir


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