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Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Rajneesh romancing Simran. Maya looks at Sumit as he is not being helpful and kind like Rajneesh. She gets annoyed and Sumit taunts Rajneesh. Dolly comes and talks to Maya. She hugs Simran and praises her. Dolly asks Simran for come for tea. Simran asks Maya will she come. Dolly says no, she has to dump her burnt popcorn. Rajneesh acts humble and leaves. Sumit asks what was this.

Jasbir and Rajneesh repair the taps. Sumit asks whats happened. Rajneesh says Simran is making dinner with Dolly, mum wants everything tip top, she invited you and Maya too. Sumit talks in Maya’s defense. Rajneesh praises Simran. Jasbir asks them not to fight and he will get into this politics, what can he do if Dolly likes Simran more than Maya, Dolly said this, don’t tell this. Sumit asks how could mum say this.

Jasbir says Simran is so lovely. Sumit goes to Maya and is upset. Maya asks him what happened. Sumit says Dolly called Simran to cook food, she called you too. Maya says no, she did not let me cook. Sumit says Dolly likes Simran more than you, Maya says even I like Simran more than Dolly, I don’t care whom mummy ji likes, why do you care. Sumit says nothing, Rajneesh was feeling proud. Maya asks is he jealous that Dolly likes Simran more. She asks what shall I do to win Dolly, and jokes on him. He says we are losing by this attitude. Dolly comes and invites them for dinner.

Sumit asks her to sit, and did she say she likes Simran more than Maya. She says no. He says I have recording, dad told me. He asks why don’t you like Maya. Dolly says Maya is good, but Simran is better. He asks what does she mean. Dolly says Simran does not meet guys, Rajneesh is her first BF, he is very lucky to get a pure-good type girl. Sumit asks how does she know Maya is not purely good, she was very studious and used to be in library, she had no friend, no disco, no party, she used to do bhajan kirtan, very pure. He praises Maya.

Sumit comes to Maya and apologizes for putting pressure on her. He says its Dolly’s mistake, and asks does she know Rajneesh is Simran’s BF. She says yes. Sumit says that’s why Dolly likes Simran more. They laugh. Maya says I can’t compete in this matter. Sumit says you had a BF in college and laughs. He tells what all he lied to Dolly. She asks what did he cook. He says I said Maya was good girl before marriage, its small lie, its fine, learn few bhajans and mum will get peace. He laughs and goes to sleep.

Maya dresses up in salwar suit and Dolly compliments her. Simran also compliments Maya. Maya says she will sing bhajan and sings Aarti all night. Dolly says Maya is so Dharmic. Sumit asks Maya to stop it, he will not make her compete. Rajneesh praises the food. Dolly says next time, Maya and I will cook. Maya asks when did we cook last time. Dolly asks her to make lemon chicken, she makes it really tasty. Maya asks Dolly to stop it, lie has a lot, she can’t treat her like this.

Maya asks Sumit to inform the truth to Dolly. Sumit lies yet again and stops Maya. Maya states great, I will say. Sumit says essentially Maya did not sing bhajan before relationship, and never even after marriage, I mean Maya wasn’t a good Female. Jasbir asks Exactly what does he signify. Sumit indicators him that… Jasbir states oh, that 1, like Simran is sweet Lady. Maya wasn’t these. Dolly asks Sumit why did he lie. Sumit says Dolly would be the culprit, Rajneesh and I’ve football match. Rajneesh asks do We’ve soccer match. Dolly blames Jasbir. Jasbir says Dolly has appear to inform me.

Maya asks Simran why did she inform Dolly. Simran suggests I did not say, Rajneesh instructed her. Rajneesh pretends he was sleeping. Sumit asks Rajneesh why did he tell so to Dolly. Rajneesh says it just slipped. Maya says I m trapped, you continue to have probability, leave. Simran asks why did Rajneesh do that. Sumit claims so that Dolly likes her. Maya suggests its Dolly’s difficulty, its not lousy to get BF if Dolly didn’t have. Jasbir claims who reported Dolly did not have any BF. The children shockingly evaluate Dolly, although she receives embarrassed. Simran asks Dolly over it. Jasbir tells about Dolly liking a wrestler in village, she was able to marry him, but wrestler run away with An additional Female, Dolly’s heart broke and he or she married me. Simran asks Dolly about her BF, Dolly says I was a idiot. Sumit teases her and laughs.

Maya states you ended up so passionate. Jasbir claims Dolly then obtained me. Rajneesh cries and claims my mum is not a good Female. Simran consoles him.

Maya and Sumit speak about Avi’s mundan/hair elimination. Maya is from it.

Written Update By Sahir


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