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Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th November 2015 Written Update

Rajneesh teasing Sumit. The arrange the tables to play table tennis. She says now kids will play. Sumit says its not their age. Dolly praises Rajneesh and says he played TT since he was 3 years old. Sumit says my kids won’t play if this is the result. Aaliya laughs. Rajneesh reminds Sumit lost to Papa ji and got teased by him. Sumit says I don’t remember, I know dad used to make fun of you. He says Papa ji tortured us a lot because of TT. Rajneesh says a lot of taunts and they recall Jasbir’s taunts.

Sumit says who made Papa ji lose for the first time. Rajneesh says you. Sumit laughs. Rajneesh says Papa ji got sad after losing the match. They laugh. Dolly says Jasbir made Sumit cry once. Sumit says I did not cry. Dolly says you looked so cute, its good Jasbir made you win intentionally. Sumit asks what, I made Papa ji lose, I was in 10th class. Dolly says fine. Rajneesh says no, Jasbir made Sumit win. Sumit says I won by my talent and goes to Jasbir. Rajneesh says I can’t miss this and goes after him.

Sumit asks Jasbir to answer him. Rajneesh requests Jasbir to say, did he lose match intentionally. Jasbir says yes, so what. Rajneesh jokes on Sumit. Sumit says you are lying Papa ji, I made you lose. Jasbir laughs and says I used to work in Chinese hotel and boss was grandmaster of TT, he used to teach me. Sumit says its lie, you were losing being tired. Jasbir says I used to work in drama company too.

Sumit says I remember your depressed face. Jasbir makes depressed face and acts again. He asks Sumit to say now. Sumit asks was he acting. Jasbir says yes. Rajneesh says great, but Papa ji did not let me win match. Jasbir says you did not cry ever. Sumit says we will decide today, we will have a match again. Rajneesh says Sumit is challenging you Papa ji. Jasbir takes his challenge light and laughs. Sumit asks did he get scared, and challenges him.

Jasbir says oh, so this is it, fine, I accept the challenge. Rajneesh says now it will be fun. Jasbir shakes hand with Sumit. Sumit gets hurt. Jasbir taunts on his low energy and says we will meet tomorrow in battle ground. Sumit practices TT at night. Maya says we are not able to sleep. Sumit says let me practice. She calls him idiot. He asks her to say bad words to him, as Jasbir will also do this, her taunts are also good, hit him now.

She asks why is he getting serious. He says its big thing for a son to make Papa lose, that day I grew up into a man, if that victory was lie, what am I. She says not a man and starts taunting him as Sumita, in Jasbir’s style. He practices fast and says superb, Papa ji type taunts. She enjoys taunting him and he asks the same.

Its morning, Dolly gets pakodas for Sumit. Sumit tastes it and find it very spicy. Dolly and Rajneesh wish Sumit all the best. Jasbir comes there to play and teases Sumit. Rajneesh gets on dad’s side. Dolly says don’t worry, I m with Sumit and won’t let Jasbir make cry. Jasbir and Sumit start playing. Jasbir wins a point and dances. Rajneesh notes scores.

Sumit hits in anger and continues. Jasbir makes 4 points and asks Sumit to accept he lost. Sumit’s hand gets hurt. Dolly asks Sumit to say anything. Jasbir laughs and asks Sumit will he hit taunts. Sumit says no use, you won’t understand. Dolly asks Sumit to talk well to his Papa ji and makes him angry. Sumit says sorry. Sumit loses. Jasbir asks why is he crying. Sumit says I m not crying, my eyes are sweating, now I will show you. He plays well and still Jasbir wins. Rajneesh asks Sumit to practice well and play after 20 years. Jasbir starts leaving. Sumit asks now does Jasbir feel when someone does acting and makes other person win, I have made you win this match by acting. Jasbir asks him to see his face.

Sumit cries and states Papa ji produced me shed and does acting to show he can act. Jasbir claims so this was the factor, We are going to Participate in once again. Sumit asks Rajneesh to get Jasbir’s pic. Sumit refuses to play.

Sumit asks Jasbir why is profitable vital normally. Jasbir claims you received’t have an understanding of, the 1 who misplaced appreciates price of victory, I did each style of do the job to generate a dwelling. Sumit asks about his business enterprise. Jasbir claims this is everyday living, the winner is valued, I desired you to learn properly, else you might drop in life generally. Sumit claims I fully grasp, this means you taunted us to help make us learn, why did you stop participating in. Jasbir suggests simply because you created me reduce. Sumit asks actually. Jasbir claims Indeed. Sumit states I misplaced currently, I was not acting, I tried challenging to earn, however , you were being superior. Jasbir will get happy and states I realized I m champion of TT. He dances. Sumit smiles observing him content and says these days Papa ji taught them to win, he understood, its pleasurable to get rid of.

Sumit and Maya have a battle around her snoring. She gets aggravated. Jasbir suggests no one can say Maya can do that.

Written Update By Amena


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