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Sumit Sambhal Lega 27th October 2015 Written Update

Maya asking Sumit not to be scared being alone. She is leaving with kids to meet her parents. He screams being scared of her hair clip. Aaliya gets a toy parrot who repeats their words. Maya thanks Sumit for gifting this parrot to Aaliya. Sumit plays with the parrot. Sumit invites his friends for watching cricket match. They have a talk and laugh. Sumit says he does not get emotional, but today he got senti seeing Avi holding Aaliya’s hand. His friend says he will leave, he is tired. Sumit says I will get beer. His friends leave. Sumit says I m bachelor just for one night.

Rajneesh practices to sing for Simran. Sumit comes to his flat and jokes on his voice. They have a talk. Sumit says he has come to party, as Maya has gone to Mumbai, today we will show Walia men’s party. He dances with Rajneesh. Rajneesh asks how did you come here suddenly, you are scared to stay alone at home, I know you, I m your elder brother. Sumit says even you used to stay scared. Sumit scares Rajneesh of monkeys and leaves.

Sumit sees cricket and misses Maya. He thinks to call Maya to ask about kids. He sees the time and says its very late. He sees the news of monkey getting inside a home and attacking woman. He changes channel and sees another mad monkey story. He hears some sound and goes to see. He asks who is there….. He does not see anyone and starts acting bold. He shuts the door and hears the sound again. He gets the parrot and says Aaliya….

He comes to Dolly and asks why is she awake till now. Rajneesh comes there asking for milk. Dolly says Rajneesh is getting pest control done. Sumit understands Rajneesh came being afraid and jokes on him. Rajneesh asks how did he come here. Sumit pulls his leg. Rajneesh and Sumit tell Dolly that they were scared being alone.

Dolly says everyone feels fear in life at some time, come to mummy. Jasbir holds Sumit’s neck. Sumit screams. Jasbir says its time to change your diapers. He asks them to be tigers, not cats. Sumit blames him as he used to say scary stories in childhood. He asks who will punish children like this. Jasbir says you both used to ask me to say horror stories. Dolly argues with Jasbir.

Rajneesh says we have good memories. Jasbir says Rajneesh used to tell me to say Daayan stories to Sumit. Sumit confronts Rajneesh. Rajneesh says I m sorry, and hugs Sumit. Jasbir asks why are you sorry, Sumit used to ask me to say monkey stories to Rajneesh. Rajneesh asks why. Sumit gets caught. Jasbir says you both used to plan against each other and blaming me. Jasbir says goodnight lady Dolly and you both ladies. He leaves.

Sumit and Rajneesh start leaving. Dolly asks them to brush teeth, else ghost will come to clean decay. They say even you mummy ji… They both plan to scare Jasbir as he is alone in the room. Rajneesh gives a weird idea, and Sumit says this won’t work. Rajneesh laughs. Sumit says we will scare Papa ji from popping up from cupboard, come with me. Sumit says he has a parrot to trouble Jasbir.

They laugh and go to Jasbir’s room to frighten him. They hide In the cupboard. They hear Jasbir coming out. Rajneesh suggests We’re going to shout and scare him. Sumit says no dialogue, We are going to just shout. Sumit hears Jasbir and says let him sit, he will get major shock. Jasbir says he will wear silk lungi currently and asks Dolly does she not like it. Sumit claims how did mummy ji come. They hear Jasbir chatting romantic. They could’t hear it any longer and connect with out to halt them, stating we are listed here. Jasbir says how dare you appear listed here and listen to our personal speak. He jokes and displays Dolly will not be listed here. He laughs and states he is their father, its challenging to idiot him. Rajneesh claims you should be ashamed to joke like this. Jasbir claims go away it, scaring is undoubtedly an art. Dolly comes and asks what took place. Jasbir states I worried them. Dolly usually takes them. Jasbir many thanks the pillows for executing Dolly’s purpose.

The man suggests Walias didn’t add to foods stall. Dolly states she is likely to make everything. Maya suggests she received’t want any snacks.

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