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Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sumit acting lazy and watching tv. Maya asks him to stop being lazy and comments on his fatty tummy. He says he does not have any fat and holds breath to show flat stomach. She tickles him and takes away snacks. Jasbir is angry seeing the healthy food. Sumit comes and asks why these changes. Dolly says their BP, sugar and Cholestrol are high. Dolly asks Jasbir to drink trimmed milk. Jasbir puts the high fat milk. Dolly says jam, cheese and butter will leave home. She asks Sumit to take it. Sumit says wow, chocolate cake and gets glad. Jasbir licks the cake and annoys Sumit.

Dolly says she knows healthy dishes recipes. Dolly goes to Maya. Maya asks Dolly to use olive oil, it tastes better. Sumit comes and whats up. Dolly says Maya is teaching me cooking. Sumit jokes on Maya. Maya says Dolly wants to learn healthy food cooking. Dolly says like boiled food, without salt and spices. Sumti says poor Papa ji. Maya says even you will have same food. Sumit says my Cholestrol is in limit.

Dolly says she will make soya chicken with her love. She brings the soya chicken and serves on dining table. Rajneesh says this is tandoori chicken. Dolly says its soya chicken, I have shaped soya as chicken. Jasbir says I won’t eat this and gets annoyed. Dolly asks him to stay hungry. He says he will live watching cookery show. Maya asks Jasbir to have it, as Dolly has spent whole day making it.

Dolly serves Jasbir and asks him to consume to obtain wholesome. Rajneesh and Sumit look on. Rajneesh claims He’ll simply click pic. Sumit asks why. Rajneesh claims for law enforcement enquiry, murder weapon pic is imp. Dolly states she added beetroot juice in it. Sumit and Rajneesh request one another to have it. Dolly asks them to take in. They flavor it and isn’t going to swallow. Sumit swallows the soya chicken and smiles. Maya seems to be on. Even she does not like it. Sumit asks Maya to swallow it. Maya claims its really nice, salt is fewer. Dolly says I have place a lot less salt for wellbeing. Sumit and Rajneesh go making excuses. Jasbir thinks what justification shall I make.

A man delivers food items and Jasbir gets glad. Dolly asks who’s got requested. The person states the bill has Sumit Walia’s name. Sumit asks why did he appear right here, he wrote for 1st floor and isn’t going to give tip to that male. Sumit laughs and Maya asks why did he order food stuff. Sumit suggests similar to that, uts just gentle snacks. Jasbir and Rajneesh sit acquiring it. Maya says Sumit didn’t make this happen right. Dolly states depart it bahu, its high-quality and cries. All of them respond as Dolly named Maya bahu. Maya asks Jasbir not to own it, as Dolly is hurt. Maya sends Sumit and stops Jasbir and Rajneesh from obtaining it.

Sumit tells Dolly that they all jointly have tandoori soya chicken and dislikes palak kheer sweetdish. Dolly suggests forgive me. Sumit claims This is certainly my dialogue. She says you all utilized to have my handmade foodstuff by really like, Absolutely everyone will forget about me now. Sumit states you make good meals, I have found Papa ji’s reports, That is best food stuff for him. He states we can even alter our diet program, as mummy ji appreciates greatest. She claims this food items doesn’t have flavor. He suggests it’s got your appreciate, which is the best issue for health and fitness. He suggests appear, we could have soya chicken.

The spouse and children eats the soya chicken without any complains just for Dolly. Jasbir places Substantially sauce to have some flavor. Sumit goes to kitchen at night and sees Dolly owning chicken. She stops and asks am I sleepwalking like your father. She states she can’t resist and will take in this chicken, she will be able to’t endure on soya chicken. He asks about health-related reports and diet program. She suggests she’ll walk in park and eats the rooster. He says why must I wait, and eats hen. Jasbir arrives and sees them having hen. He says cheaters. Dolly asks him to consume rooster. Jasbir asks Sumit to get paneer and rabdi. Rajneesh arrives and sees them getting resort foodstuff. He suggests its standard sport, allow me to snooze and also have a party. Dolly asks him to affix them. Maya comes and claims I am able to’t believe that this. Dolly states she is going to food plan some working day. Maya joins them. Aaliya will come and joins them in addition.

Sumit receives to find out he may get his exhibit with Harsha. Harsha welcomes Sumit on his clearly show.

Written Update By Sahir


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