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Sumit Sambhal Lega 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega watch online

Dolly saying she is sure Rajneesh will come back. She asks Sumit to meet Rajneesh and know his welfare. She says she does not visit anyone without permission and asks Maya. Sumit comes to see Rajneesh and sees some girls there. He asks about Rajneesh Walia. He helps the girl and picks the oranges. She thanks him and says you are so helpful. He says since childhood. She goes. Sumit comes to Rajneesh’s flat. Rajneesh asks him to come. Sumit asks for water. He asks how did he like the building. Sumit says nice, he met his neighbor Zoya. Rajneesh says she comes here to watch tv, as her cable is down, I asked her to buy new cable, whats the need to come to me daily. Sumit asks what.

Preeti comes and says she forgot her flat keys, and goes to use his bathroom. Rajneesh says this is my brother Sumit. She greets Sumit. Sumit says its great flat. Rajneesh says the flaws. Sumit says the building has many girls, what else you want. Preeti thanks Rajneesh and says I think I should leave a key here. Rajneesh likes the idea. Sumit asks Rajneesh is he the only man here. Rajneesh says there are some retired men too. Sumit says the girls are your property.

He says I wish your problems were mine, did any girl click. Rajneesh says don’t joke, I m not meeting Simran, but has her memory in heart. Sumit says this flat is heaven, I feel jealous for the first time. Rajneesh laughs.

Sumit comes to Maya and says he goes to visit Rajneesh often, as he is missing Simran, he got emotional. Maya says I feel good seeing you do brother’s duty. He says yes, I can joke on him, but I care for him deeply. She asks what did he do now. He says I did a girl’s work. She asks what did you say. He says I did not say this, I said wood’s work. She says its okay, it was too funny. He says you always take my class. She asks what happened to him. He says I m tired. She asks him not to visit Rajneesh. He says no, he needs me, how can I leave him. He goes to sleep and says I did not say girl. She asks what does he do there.

He acts like sleeping. He says its not good flat. She says yes, but you have fun there. He says you are not there. She says no wife and kids, so you spend time there. He says fine, I will not go if you don’t want, I don’t like going there, I will tell Rajneesh to keep the girls, I will not come. She says you said girls again.

Sumit goes to visit Rajneesh and gets scared seeing Dolly there. He asks Rajneesh about Dolly. Rajneesh says he called Dolly to cook. Sumit says I should have cooked, I got hammer and nails to fix our type of pics. Jasbir says I have come here to see girls, I heard there is much variety here. He whistles seeing the girls. Rajneesh asks him to see girls while hiding, like Sumit does. Sumit goes to room.

Jasbir and Dolly argue. Dolly says Jasbir is making his den in Rajneesh’s room. Jasbir says the great den and says how will he make it to have a large life. Dolly and Jasbir leave. Rajneesh says dad has got old. He gets message from Zoya. Sumit asks who Zoya, orange one. Rajneesh says yes, Zoya said her cable connection got fine and asked me to come to see tv. He says I won’t go, she has little sofa and has to sit close. Sumit misses this chance. Preeti comes there with Varsha. She says this is my new room mate Varsha. Sumit greets them. Preeti invites Rajneesh in the pool party and asks for 1000rs contribution.

Varsha asks Sumit are they brothers. Sumit says I m married. Varsha asks for cold water. Sumit loses his head observing them. Maya will come there and Sumit receives shocked viewing her. Sumit beverages water becoming scared. Rajneesh offers the money and Maya receives mistaken. Preeti and Varsha go away. Sumit says its very good Maya has arrive, I had been missing you, they have got come to get charity. Maya states she acquired snacks for Rajneesh. Sumit states Rajneesh I instructed Maya that you’re frustrated due to Simran, so I appear in this article. Rajneesh asks definitely. He exhibits the flat.

Sumit suggests I like you Maya, practically nothing was taking place in this article. Maya claims I do know, I have seen Those people women, there is absolutely no probability for you, what was the need to lie. He says this turned my fashion, I felt you will truly feel negative. She states Sure, if I stare men, will you are feeling fantastic. He suggests no, I did not Imagine nearly anything, I had been thanking Lord to receive gorgeous spouse like you. She claims I m heading household. He suggests I will appear as well. Rajneesh asks Maya to wait.

Rajneesh defends Sumit and claims I was genuinely frustrated and Sumit referred to as his flat a heaven, so I felt great. Maya states I m not towards that you both meet up with, but at my home. Rajneesh claims he has pool get together on Saturday. Rajneesh welcomes the ladies. They talk to him to come back, everyone is waiting. He claims he is missing Simran. They praise him as he is sweet BF. Jasbir greets them and states he is Jasbir Walia, he is prepared for pool occasion. They operate away and lock the door. Rajneesh laughs.

Maya says she wants to work again. Sumit asks what about kids. Dolly says kids will crave for mum’s love too. Sumit asks Mata about her day at office and she gets mad.

Written Update By Sahir


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