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Sumit Sambhal Lega 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Maya telling Sumit about her idea to write a new story for kids, as she is fed up to read same story every night. She beats him for taunting her and says she is a good copywriter. He says I m with you, just write it. She gets glad and asks him to help. She says we will start tomorrow. He says its Sunday, I have my match. She insists. Dolly and Jasbir come and tell a funny story of Rajneesh. They laugh and Rajneesh comes. He gets embarrassed. Dolly tells him that Maya is writing kids stories. Rajneesh asks will she write this. Maya says no. Dolly says it had good message to go toilet before leaving home.

Jasbir says he will help Maya and boasts about his writing skills. Sumit thanks them for all the ideas. Rajneesh adds about winning in singing competition. Jasbir says I have another story. Sumit sends them. Maya is excited to write. Sumit talks to his friend on message. Maya asks him to keep phone and just hear her out with focus. She gets annoyed. He says sorry, tell me. She says we have to know which animals does kids like. He sits chatting and apologizes again. She says I was thinking to write a cute rabbit story. He says no, kids don’t like rabbit. She asks him not to joke.

He asks her to use her imagination, and gives her some ideas. Maya rejects the story and says our hero is nice. He asks her to add some spice. She says I want to write about rabbit. He says I want to write about monkey. She says this is not your autobiography. He says he will help his way. She refuses to take his help. Sumit works at night and calls his friend asking him to come for match.

Its morning, Maya crushes the papers being frustrated. Sumit comes home from cricket match and says sorry, I got late. He asks are we still fighting. She says no. He says I almost said sorry. She throws the book and gets angry. Sumit acts silent and asks how was her day. She says I can’t write a kid’s story. He says I can’t be so bad. She says no I m useless, why did I go to write the book. He says you are creative and smart, and praises himself about playing in the match. He asks her to be determined and she leaves. He takes the papers she has thrown and goes. He jumps like a rabbit and gets ready to show his talent.

Its morning, Sumit greets the kids. Maya asks what was he doing at night. He shows the story. She asks did he write in one night. He says I have changed few bits in your story, and set it, kids will like it. She thanks him. He says its my duty, enjoy, I m going to sleep. She sees story on rabbit, which she was supposed to write and gets angry. Its night, Sumit comes home and says Jasbir told me his friend is ready to publish. Maya says fine, show when its ready. Sumit says I wrote it. She says it can be better. He asks did she change his story. She says just, few bits. He laughs reading it and asks did Jasbir write this. She says no, but why. They argue over the story. He says we will ask Aaliya about this. She says we will see tomorrow, Aaliya is sleeping now. He says we shall see.

Sumit tells the story to Aaliya and laughs. She does not react and says it was nice. He says Papa loves you a lot and gets happy that she likes his story. He hugs her and says you will always be smart. He asks her to sleep and goes. He tells Maya that story is over, Aaliya chose your story. Maya says you don’t know lie, I heard everything, I knew you will lie.

He states he lied for her. She claims I felt lousy, I wished to know do I’ve talent or not, the reality is out, I don’t know nearly anything. Sumit states no, you wrote superior story, I have created it minor funny. She claims you won And that i misplaced. He suggests all Strategies have been yours. She claims possibly you’re proper, why did I talk to your enable, it had been my Tale and a lot better than yours. He states not like that, Aaliya likes my story. She suggests you did performing that’s why she favored it.

She acts like him and he argues with her. Aaliya arrives there and says she is not obtaining rest, and asks them to mention a story. Maya and Sumit check with Aaliya to choose which Tale she hopes to hear. Aaliya claims a different Tale. Maya hugs Aaliya and asks Sumit from exactly where will they carry new story. Sumit smiles. Rajneesh tells a Tale to Aaliya and entertains her. She laughs and states this was the ideal one particular. Rajneesh states I understood, I will inform Sumit.

Sumit asks Rajneesh for the personal loan of 2.five lakhs, and asks him not to inform Maya. Rajneesh asks why. Maya spends in parlor. Dolly asks Sumit whats Maya’s challenges. Jasbir cuts Maya’s bank card.

Written Update By Sahir


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