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Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jasbir and Rajneesh coming to Sumit’s home. Sumit gets bored seeing them. Jasbir tells about some Taneja Nana’s demise. Sumit gets sad. Jasbir says he is getting hungry and eats nuts. Sumit asks how did Nana ji die. Jasbir says heart attack. Jasbir asks for some spices on nuts. Rajneesh gets it from his pockets. Maya comes and Sumit tells about Nana ji’s death. Sumit says he used to love me a lot, I was his fav. Jasbir asks him to give an eulogy for Nana ji. Sumit asks why can’t anyone else give the speech. Maya asks Sumit to give the eulogy.

Dolly arrives and says Minty Mausi might be coming there in condolence operate. Dolly speaks against Minty. Jasbir says your Mahabharat will likely not end. Jasbir and Dolly argue. Sumit says Minty was irritated in my marriage far too. Dolly justifies herself. Jasbir appears to be for snacks packet. Sumit asks Dolly not to create any scene at the Dying ceremony. Dolly suggests I will likely not come. Maya reads the eulogy Sumit wrote and asks him to inform about Nana ji.

Sumit tells about Nana ji’s Pet dog. Maya writes the eulogy and frames properly. Sumit likes Maya’s expertise and romances together with her. Jasbir will come there plus they get away. Sumit asks Jasbir how did he come. Jasbir states he unlocked the door. Sumit asks why did he arrive. Jasbir suggests I m hungry. Sumit claims notify this to mum. Jasbir says Dolly explained she won’t cook, she is angry on Minty. She’s crying there.

Sumit states Once i come to feel I m undesirable partner, I get relieved viewing you. Maya says I is likely to make a little something. Jasbir says no want. He asks Sumit to encourage Dolly. Sumit suggests I have to jot down speech. Jasbir says he is extremely hungry. Sumit goes to Dolly and claims he experienced foodstuff. Dolly asks did his father deliver him. Sumit states no, I have arrive myself. He receives Nana ji’s pic. She receives angry observing Minty’s pic. Sumit states she is your own private sister, preserve anger in pocket and are available inside the Chautha ceremony. Dolly is offended. Sumit will get a joke and laughs. He tells the joke to Dolly. She suggests I used to be crying, you did not encourage me.

She asks did she teach him this. He states Minty is not really so undesirable. Dolly says get lost if you came to acquire her aspect, explain to dad which i designed the parathas, which I m throwing now.

Sumit and Maya can be found in the Chautha ceremony. Sumit states he got the speech, but he won’t say, Maya retains him. Rajneesh asks is he All set. Sumit asks him never to trouble him. Dolly and Jasbir also occur there. Maya suggests she will get anything from snacks from buy Jasbir. Sumit offers her revenue. Minty arrives and hugs Sumit. Dolly presents an offended stare. Minty and Dolly start off arguing.

Sumit asks What exactly are they accomplishing. Minty beats Dolly and Sumit receives hurt. Sumit is referred to as to speak handful of words and phrases on Taneja’s existence journey. Sumit asks them not to disturb him. Sumit retains the speech in his pocket and gets tensed looking at Many of us. He gives the wrong speech. Dolly and Jasbir check out him. Dolly and Minty battle and change seats. Sumit says the imp detail is Taneja knew loved ones value, its significant tragedy when people today in loved ones battle, it hurts a good deal, the a single who remain in our heart can break our coronary heart, some relations can’t be broken. He attempts uniting Dolly and Minty. Rajneesh sleeps through the speech. Sumit states we overlook you Nana ji. Maya will come and claps for Sumit.

Sumit asks Dolly and Minty to come outside the house. Sumit asks them to hug and conclude the combat, did they not listen to the emotional speech. He asks them to speak, its seven many years now, think what you equally have missed, don’t wait around now, just discuss out and type the differences. Dolly and Minty get emotional and cry. They each apologize and hug. Maya receives happy viewing Sumit uniting them and flirts with him. Maya claims she’s happy that they both equally forgot what took place in my marriage. Minty and Dolly fight again. Maya states sorry Sumit. Jasbir is still hungry and goes.

Jasbir reminds Sumit about his wedding ring. Sumit gets the ring. Maya cries saying her wedding ring is missing.

Written Update By Sahir


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