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Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sumit and Rajneesh arguing over opening the door. A sales girl comes there and says she is Ms. Malini. She gives her knowledge on cricket and impressed Sumit. Sumit says you called my wife and she refused to buy vaccum cleaner. She says yes, she scolded me. She says you will get a brush free and asks him to see vaccum cleaner. She says the specifications. Sumit says wow. She asks will you like demo in hindi or English. Rajneesh says even Japanese demo is fine. They laugh.

Sumit cleans the home with the vaccum cleaner. Maya comes and asks how did this come, I scolded that girl, how did you let her come. He says yes, floor is shining, this can change your life, how did you agree, is she beautiful. Sumit says she had cricket knowledge. She says oh, that’s the thing. He gives her the demo. She asks him to stop this teleshopping demo. He shows the good demo and shows the dust off from her sofa. Maya says wow and cups her face. Sumit says see, how I clean the curtains. Maya says Sumit, you look hot suddenly and holds him close. Dolly comes and asks whats this. Maya and Sumit give intro of the vaccum machine. Dolly says I know her, I have sent here to Maya, my home is very clean, you need all this, continue work. She goes. Maya gets angry. Sumit asks Maya where is she going, see, how hot he looks with this machine.

Maya comes to Dolly and asks are you busy. Dolly says I m stitching Jasbir’s pant. Maya asks her why did she send Malini to me, you mean I don’t keep my home clean. Dolly says don’t worry, you have machine now. Maya asks why did you not buy then. Dolly says we have traditional ways. Maya says it means your house is clean. Dolly says I m sure. Maya brings the vaccum cleaner and says this machine will get dust, just see. She tries to get dust. Maya does not get a bit of dust from carpet and says I will try under the sofa. Dolly goes to give pant to Jasbir.

Sumit sees Maya finding dust and asks did you lose earring. She says no, I m finding dust, give me your dusty shoes, this is way to show Dolly. She asks where is the sand and sees soil packed in plastic in flower pot. She says its bad vaccum cleaner. He holds her as she is very angry. Jasbir and Dolly come. Jasbir asks Maya not to waste time. Dolly says everyone can’t keep home clean.

Dolly challenges Maya that she won’t get dust even in dust bin. Maya says even I want to keep my home clean, that’s my home, not a…, Jasbir asks her to say it today. Maya says hospital, I mean its so clean, I don’t have time, I manage my kids and love them, not just say about cleanliness. Dolly says you mean I don’t love my family and kisses Sumit. Maya says I mean you keep everything as it is, sofa cover is not removed, how will guests feel sitting on plastic covers. Jasbir says sticky. Dolly asks Sumit to say whats bad in this. Maya says Sumit say it, you always joke as these covers are since his childhood. Dolly looks at him and asks what more. Sumit says it feels why is everything saved for the day which may not come. Jasbir laughs and says Sumit is right. Dolly reminds their childhood where kids spoiled the sofa, so she did not remove the covers.

Dolly asks Rajneesh to remove his shoes. Rajneesh gets scared and removes shoes. Maya says I was saying this, you became hitler for cleanliness. Dolly says fine, see my new side, Rajneesh wear shoes and run. She removes the plastic covers off the sofa and asks them to sit. They ask all is she sure. She asks them to sit. They sit and get glad. Dolly asks Maya to see, she can change. She asks how is it. Jasbir says too good. Sumit says its fun. Rajneesh says don’t know, I feel I m doing something naughty. Maya asks Dolly to sit and enjoy on the sofa. Dolly says right, and sits on the sofa. She says I feel glad. They are even afraid to spoil the sofa. Maya looks on as they all limit her hands and legs from the sofa. Jasbir makes the chips fall by mistakes. Sumit and Rajneesh ask what did you do. Jasbir says I got nervous. Sumit and Rajneesh say we will cover it with plastic again. Dolly says let it be, but cover it if you want, clean cushion first. They obey her and take cushions. Sumit asks Maya to clean. Maya jumps on the chips to spoil carpet.

Jai and Avantika come to stay with Maya and Sumit. Jai and Avantika’s romantic hug shocks Sumit. Later, Jai and Avantika have an argument.

Written Update By Amena


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