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Sumit Sambhal Lega 13th November 2015 Written Update

Maya telling Sumit about people wishing to change school’s representative being fed up by him. She says that man has many stupid morals and they want to challenge him. She says everyone asked her to stand in PTA elections and she will win. He says it will be much work. She says yes, I m interested to do a lot for children, and says her plans. He says you already run the home, no need for PTA representative post. She insists.

They come in PTA meet and Maya talks to the current representative. Maya says she has made samosas. The representative says he got tandoori chicken made by olive oil, and also shahi paneer. Sumit likes paneer and chicken. They wish best of luck to Maya. Sumit laughs. Maya says I don’t think I can win. Sumit says people will not choose him again. Maya asks Sumit why did he wear such clothes, tuck the tee inside. She goes to get votes of people. Sumit withdraws his support. Sumit goes to have food and comments as tandoori chicken got finished. He feels he did mistake coming here. He talks to a man and asks whom do you think will win elections. The man says I want Maya to win, she is hot.

Sumit eats chicken and is busy while he is called near the stage. Maya gets embarrassed. Sumit keeps the food back. Everyone laugh. Its night, Sumit asks Aaliya to sleep early. Rajneesh and Jasbir dance after Indian team wins the match. Sumit misses the match. Jasbir asks Sumit to watch it in next birth. Dolly comes to meet kids. Sumit gets angry and reacts. Dolly asks did he go mad. Sumit says sorry. Dolly says its Maya’s mistake, she has gone leaving kids at night. Sumit says its PTA election result today. Dolly asks why did she leave her kids, to do welfare of other kids. Sumit says Maya is helping school.

Jasbir and Rajneesh have a talk. Rajneesh says Maya is doing right. Sumit says you always like her choice. Rajneesh disagrees for her choice of life partner. Maya comes and Rajneesh dances to congratulate her. Maya says I lost, relax, its fine. She tries shutting drawer, and starts throwing files on the ground to shut it. Everyone sit quiet seeing her anger.

Sumit pacifies Maya. She says I lost, I thought they like me. Dolly says people say and do different, I wish you learnt from me. Jasbir says this is politics, make better dish and wish. Sumit and Jasbir try to make Maya cheer up. Rajneesh asks did the votes counting get wrong. Maya says no, I should face truth, I lost by 6 votes. Sumit asks 6? Its good, you did not lose by 1 vote. She asks what, you mean its good to lose by many votes.

He suggests I signify your heart might have not damaged. She asks whom did he give his vote. Sumit turns his deal with away. Maya states Sumit….. He gets tensed. Dolly says we must always depart now. Jasbir suggests yes, we obtained late. Sumit asks why are they likely. Dolly says we don’t wish to interfere in your own make any difference. Sumit asks due to the fact when? Dolly states whatsoever Maya is, you should have presented vote to her. They all assist Maya and go away. Sumit says Maya, you should not inquire whom I gave vote, I can give my vote to any individual.

She asks why did he not give vote to her, she’s his spouse. He states you happen to be speaking like hitler, I love you and did this for your fantastic. He states individuals gave you votes as you will be sizzling. She states you never assistance me and cries. She argues with him. He gives her water. She claims she experienced to inform individuals she does not know him, as he was preserving tandoori rooster in his pant. He asks what, even then you must support me. He says I usually try this, I don’t uncover me well suited for you, I under no circumstances try this with you.

Maya and Sumit apologize to one another. They understand their errors. She suggests she is going to cook for him. He receives a contact from consultant. Maya congratulates him. She says I will help you, ofcourse, I m absolutely free in evenings. Sumit states You aren’t totally free. Aaliya concerns Maya, and Maya is hectic on simply call. Sumit asks Aaliya to wait, and tells Maya about Aaliya. Aaliya and Sumit miss Maya. The PTA meet up with starts off. Sumit functions like gays and everyone chortle on him. Maya gets embarrassed once more.

Rajneesh reminds the match plan. Sumit says I have work. Jasbir asks Sumit to come fast, Rajneesh is in hospital. Sumit meets Rajneesh and apologizes to him.

Written Update By Amena


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