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Sumit Sambhal Lega 10th October 2015 Written Update

Sumit and Maya romancing. Jasbir stops Rajneesh and gets inside Sumit’s home. Maya asks whats happening. Jasbir says Rajneesh is snatching my license. Rajneesh tells about Jasbir hitting his police jeep and argues with him, asking for his license. Jasbir says file report, but you won’t get place in my home. Rajneesh asks Maya does she have extra mattress, he feels cold to sleep on sofa. Sumit asks Rajneesh to take revenge from dad and reminds dad’s tortures.

Maya brings the pillow and mattress. Rajneesh goes to bring his fav pillow. Maya tells Sumit that she won’t send kids with Jasbir, he is driving rashly and says just Rajneesh is taking a stand against Jasbir. Sumit says I think Rajneesh did mistake, dad does not drive bad. Rajneesh overreacts angrily.

Jasbir comes to take kids and asks them to take money from Sumit. Maya makes excuses for not sending kids with Jasbir. Jasbir says we will come in 2 hours and asks Aaliya to come. Maya asks Sumit to stop them. She asks Sumit to go along and take them in his car, as Jasbir’s car met with an accident. Jasbir says its rough and tough. Sumit asks them to go fast. Maya says I will come along. Dolly asks her to do her homework. Maya says I will talk to dad. Sumit stops Maya and asks Maya to take Dolly and kids in one car, he will come with dad to happy zone. Maya agrees happily and they all leave.

At happy zone, Sumit and Jasbir come late and tell about traffic and baraat. Sumit says Maya is right, we can’t send kids with dad. Maya says he should not drive now. Sumit says I was shaken seeing dad’s driving. Sumiy says my kids won’t go in dad’s car, Maya said right. Maya says for kid’s safety. Jasbir says I m their Dada, I want their safety, when did you decide this. Sumit says since you broke 5 signals, how did his license renew. Jasbir says who said its renewed. Maya asks what, are you using expired license. Jasbir says yes and shows his dashing young pic. Sumit asks is he using this since years.

Dolly says she won’t sit in Jasbir’s car if he has no license. Jasbir says promise, then I won’t take license. Sumit asks him to take driving license by a test and till then they won’t give him keys. Its morning, Jasbir horns and neighbors argues. Jasbir calls Sumit and says he has to go RTO, its his driving test. Sumit gets glad and saks how did this happen. Jasbir says he likes to take kids out to happy zone, he needs a license. Sumit says great, I will change and come.

They are on the way and Sumit asks him to focus on road. Jasbir asks Sumit not to teach him driving. Sumit asks him to retire from driving. Jasbir says he does not like today’s cars. Sumit stops him and says you would have killed him. Jasbir says I saw him, I got late. Sumit says its because…. They see people hitting horn and Jasbir argues with others. Sumit smiles and holds his head.

Maya asks Sumit did RTO listen to out prayers, did dad are unsuccessful in test. Sumit says father passed with new license and pic. Maya says dad can have bribed. Sumit says no, don’t understand how he got license. Maya suggests even then my Young children can’t go with him in his car. Sumit says then we really need to send kids to boarding, I felt one thing transpired to father. She suggests he is increasing aged. He says father is not admitting it, he claims He’s younger. She states we will information him. He suggests We’ll puncture tryes every day. She suggests We’ll talk to him. She asks him to convince dad.

Jasbir relates to acquire Aaliya. Sumit asks Rajneesh what took place to him. Jasbir says I took Rajneesh on push, I applied light-weight brake and… Rajneesh claims he has strike truck and my head struck. He asks for ice. Aaliya arrives and Jasbir usually takes her. Rajneesh asks Sumit to halt Jasbir. Sumit claims he will appear alongside. Jasbir says don’t fret, Aaliya will probably be Protected, generate very well, I m not that young now. Sumit encourages him and hugs him. Sumit agrees to Jasbir and Aaliya’s demands and takes them.

Sumit and Maya have a chat. Jasbir appears to be for his remote. Dolly asks who has dyed the towels.

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