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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th October 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Suhani seeing the nightie and saying this is not mine. Yuvraaj sees it and laughs asking did she bring this. She says no, this is not mine. He asks what will she do wearing this and laughs, asking her to be away, he knows kung fu. She says I m not interested to force you. He says fine, don’t think to do anything. She pushes him and says I m not thinking to do anything, even if you wear this nightie, I won’t do anything. He says I m not made to wear this. She says who knows. She acts like him on his hygiene freak habits.

They argue and have a nok jhok. She says I m sure Menka did this, but what will I wear now. He asks her to wear his clothes. She asks him to wear the nightie. He asks her to stop nonsense and change. She says no, I will change when you wear this nightie. He says don’t be stupid, stop it. She makes him wear nightie. The room service guy comes and says food got over, chef is fine and gives snacks. He sees Yuvraaj wearing nightie. Yuvraaj says this is not mine, I don’t wear this. Suhani laughs. Yuvraaj throws on her. She bends and nightie falls over the guy’s face.

Pratima goes to Sharad’s room and calls him out. She sees Bhavna awake and managing Anant alone. She wakes up Sharad. Bhavna says let him sleep, I will manage golu, he is my responsibility. Yuvraaj informs Pratima about staying in guest house, its out of city and there is farmhouse near it. Dadi hears this and gets tensed. She tells Pratima that she will book good hotel and worries that Yuvraaj is close to farmhouse. Pratima wonders what happened to Dadi.

Suhani wears Yuvraaj’s clothes and he compliments her. He says we will buy nighties in morning. She says she wants food, and have nok jhok again. She asks him to come with her, she wants samosas. He asks her to have snacks, he will not go anywhere, its late night. She says I m going alone, come if you want. He says fine, I won’t come. She goes out and sees the mark girl in the farmhouse.

She thinks why is this girl wearing the mask, the parents are not concerned for the girl. The girl draws curtains and goes. Suhani says Yuvraaj did not come till now, she will have food first. Yuvraaj comes to her and tries convincing her. Whats going on…………….plays…………….. He rides the cycle around her and leaves. She goes to the samosa stall and smiles. Saware………….plays…………… Yuvraaj sits far and she stares at him. They sit together and eat samosas. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya…………plays…………….

Its early morning, Bhavna wakes up and it is tensed observing 10am. She suggests she had to cook breakfast and control Golu. She isn’t going to see Golu and looks for him. Rags states Bhavna did limit, All people experienced breakfast and Bhavna didn’t awaken. Menka claims Sure, Bhavna cooked delightful foodstuff yesterday and I assumed I would get excellent breakfast far too. Dadi thinks of her get the job done and phone calls resort to help make reserving. She scolds them for creating Yuvraaj leave and asks them to vacate a area instantly. Menka thinks what occurred to Dadi today. Bhavna will come jogging and asks about Golu. Menka claims she would not know.

Sharad performs with Golu. Bhavna concerns him and asks him to present Golu. Sharad asks her to relaxation, He’ll deal with Golu, he has drunk milk and too bath far too, he will Engage in now. She asks why is he performing all this. Sharad claims because Golu is my responsibility now. Suhani and Yuvraaj arrive at the vehicle. She tells about mask Lady standing in window. He says go away it, we should do purchasing. She states no need, its make a difference of in the future, we can easily do anything else, like I will travel. He asks does she know. He suggests no, I’m sure driving scooty, There’s not Substantially distinction. He states I am able to’t get chance. She receives irritated. He smiles looking at her.

Suhani drives the car and the mask Lady comes infront. Yuvraaj claims Suhani…. Suhani stops the car plus they begin to see the mask Lady terrified.

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