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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani being shifted to city hospital. Barbie and Shakuntala are on the way. Barbie says Dadi is stubborn to get her heir, she will send Yuvraaj. Police stops them. The doctor from van says we have critical patient with us and passes check point. Barbie acts of labor pain and Shakuntala takes permission to get inside hospital. Barbie does not see Suhani. Suhani is taken inside the ward.

Dadi tries calling Barbie. Sharad asks Saurabh where is Yuvraaj. Saurabh says he went to stop Barbie from getting her abortion done. Sharad asks what, how will Yuvraaj stop Barbie, he will not agree for marriage. Dadi asks why can’t Yuvraaj marry Barbie. Dadi says I know you also want Yuvraaj to marry Barbie, as you married Bhavna. She asks Bhavna did Sharad trouble you. Bhavna says no. Dadi says then Yuvraaj will also not trouble Barbie. She asks Saurabh to help her, convince Pratima for this marriage, else take her away from here, we have to do this for Suhani’s baby. Saurabh agrees for Suhani’s sake. Sharad and Saurabh talk about any other option. Dadi asks Sharad am I doing any mistake. Sharad says no, I m thinking about Yuvraaj, its marriage without any wish, Yuvraaj will have to keep marriage forever, I don’t know will Barbie be able to manage Yuvraaj. Dadi says its Barbie’s condition, we have to do their marriage if we want that baby.

Doctor tells about Suhani, she has dehydration since 3 days, she was unconscious in jungle. Doctors treat her. Yuvraaj steps in the hospital. Suhani gets restless. Nurse says her pulse and BP got normal. Doctor asks Suhani not to say anything and just take rest, as she is weak. Yuvraaj sees the emergency ward. Suhani cries and says Yuvraaj……

Yuvraaj looks inside emergency ward and doctor comes in between. Dadi calls Yuvraaj and asks did you get Barbie. He says yes, I will see. Suhani sees Yuvraaj outside and forwards hands. Doctors stop her. He goes.

Shakuntala says Yuvraaj did not come till now. Barbie gets Dadi’s message that Yuvraaj is finding you in hospital, be at some place where he can find you. Barbie asks Shakuntala to get Yuvraaj to her, by excuse. Yuvraaj asks nurse about Barbie. Shakuntala sees Yuvraaj and starts acting. He says I have come to meet Barbie. She takes Yuvraaj to Barbie.

Barbie acts like getting shocked. She sends Shakuntala outside, as she has to talk to Yuvraaj in private. Yuvraaj says you will find me selfish, but I love Suhani a lot, she is still big part of my life, and you have her last sign, Suhani’s wish was this baby, let me fulfill this wish. She says I will deliver the baby, but what will I answer my Maa. He says I will marry you, I will not force you to be with me, but please. She says fine, I will do this for your and Suhani’s love. He thanks her. She says Suhani is lucky that she had you in her life. He says no, I m lucky to have her in my life. She cries. He asks her to come.

Pratima asks Bhavna for Barbie. Bhavna worries and thinks what to tell Pratima. Dadi says Barbie went to doctor for checkup, Yuvraaj is with her. Pratima says next time, Bhavna and I will take her. Saurabh says right, and asks Pratima to visit the ashram where Suhani used to go, she will be glad that we took care of the old people. He asks Pratima to get ready. Pratima agrees. Saurabh asks Dadi are you sure you don’t want to make Maa stay here. Dadi calls Barbie and asks her to come home to talk about marriage. Barbie gets glad. Dadi asks Saurabh to take Pratima and take care of them. They leave.

Bhavna asks Dadi will they really do marriage. Dadi says yes, we will talk some pandit, Yuvraaj convinced Barbie. Bhavna cries. Nurse runs and tells patient is serious. Yuvraaj asks doctor about patient blood group. He says I will donate blood. He asks Barbie to go home, there is emergency, they need blood. He goes with doctor.

Doctor tells Yuvraaj that patient is fighter, miracles is happening, it means she has will to live. Yuvraaj says my wife was also such. Suhani is brought there to transplant blood. Suhani is behind Yuvraaj and they do not see each other. Doctor says she has no one here. Nurse says we will take patient. Doctor thanks Yuvraaj and says you showed humanity did not end. Nurse asks Yuvraaj to rest till he feels fine. He says I m fine and turns to see patient. Suhani is taken away till then. Yuvraaj says whoever you are, have courage, your family will soon find you, don’t lose hope.

Yuvraaj tells Pankaj that Barbie was going for abortion, I m giving Suhani’s place to Barbie, tell me is this right.

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