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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I will get justice for Gauri. Rags and Menka plan something and smile. Lata cries seeing ladies protesting against Pankaj. Rags and Menka smile and with the ladies. Lata says my husband did not do anything. Rags says they are selfish. Suhani comes and stops the ladies. Rags says we will leave, if Suhani sees us, it will be problem. Rags and Menka leave. The lady scolds Suhani. Suhani says my dad is innocent, please go. The ladies throw stones on Suhani and Lata, saying they are stain on womanhood. Suhani gets hurt. Yuvraaj comes there and catches the stone, before she gets more hurt.

He says Pankaj did not do anything, stop this. The lady asks is your sister acting and lying, if you leave her alone, who will support her. He says I did not leave her alone. The lady asks him to think what Gauri is going through, is she lying. He says no, I m not saying this. Suhani says Yuvraaj knows my dad, family and its values, he wants to prove my dad innocent, Gauri is mistaken, we want to clear it, once I prove my dad innocent, we will punish that culprit.

Menka comes home and dances happily. She says I m very happy, I would have thrown stones at Suhani too. Anuj comes and Menka hugs him. She says we will go out. He asks are you mad, my sister is in problem. Saurabh gets Pratima’s call and thinks I can’t lie to her, I will not take the call. She calls again. He lies that he is in office and will call later.

Menka tells Anuj that she won’t let him go out of room. His phone rings. She takes his phone and teases him. He falls down and gets angry. He says I m not interested in spending time with you. Saurabh comes and asks Anuj not to answer Pratima’s call, they will talk to her once she comes home. Anuj warns Menka that Pratima should not know about Gauri. Menka says why will I say Maa.

Suhani consoles Lata. Lata says Gauri is our bahu and we should support her. Suhani says you are feeling bad for Gauri, who blamed Pankaj, it shows how good you are. Soumya comes to meet Suhani. Suhani hugs her.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani and Gauri’s pics. Dadi comes and talks to Yuvraaj. She says I know you love your wife a lot, but this matter is about your sister. He says I know. She says why will Gauri lie. He says I don’t know the truth, I just know Pankaj is innocent, I want Gauri to get justice, not by getting innocent punished.

Dadi says I can see everything, I will not move back, I did bad with her and now I will not let anything wrong with her. Soumya pacifies Suhani and asks her not to fall weak, its big day tomorrow. She says I know, I wish all this was a bad dream.

Its morning, Pankaj is brought to court by police. Bhavna hugs him and cries. Suhani asks Pankaj not to worry, she found a lawyer. Dadi says she is lying. Leela says I m fighting Gauri’s case, I don’t have habit to lose case, I fight case for women’s respect, I know well to get such men punished, I will get Pankaj strictly punished. Suhani says judge will declare decision, we are not interested to hear your decision. Dadi says don’t worry, judge will give decision in one hearing. Suhani says I also want to get culprit punished. Pankaj did not do anything. Dadi says I m not interested in hearing your lecture, we will win easily. Rags takes Gauri in court room. They all proceed to court. Bhavna asks where is our lawyer. Suhani says he is inside. Suhani does not see the lawyer and goes out to see. Menka asks Dadi will Suhani fight case herself….

Yuvraaj goes out after Suhani. Suhani calls Sinha and his phone is off. She asks a lawyer about Sinha. The lawyer says Sinha did not come today. Yuvraaj asks Suhani where is her lawyer. She says don’t know, he did not come. He asks why.

Leela says we should not give them time, its open and shut case. The judge asks Suhani to get a public prosecutor and gives her 20mins.

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