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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani and Gauri laughing and having a talk outside. Sajan is awake. Ramesh asks what is he doing. Sajan lies that he is worried for his mother and not getting sleep. Ramesh says fine and goes. Sajan thinks what to do to end the work. Krishna goes to get the chowki. Suhani laughs talking to Gauri. Krishna collides with something and vase falls. Sajan thinks from where did sound come. Krishna thinks to replace the chowki with other one. Suhani comes there and asks him why is he changing the chowki. He says I got this chowki for client and Bhavna got mistaken. Suhani asks whats difference in this, don’t lie, say truth, Soumya is becoming your child’s mother, you can’t do wrong work.

Soumya comes and says he is not doing wrong. Suhani says no, he is doing wrong. Soumya says I know he is doing illegal work but earning for our baby. Suhani asks don’t you have problem with this. Krishna says how will I earn, I have to raise my child well, do I have big degree or business. Suhani says we are middle class people, our fathers have raised us by honest earnings, when your children grow up and if Krishna is bearing punishment for wrong work, if children ask Soumya about Krishna, what will she say.

Krishna says this is last order, I m getting one crore for this, I decided to leave this work. Suhani says if you refuse later, they will give you greed or threaten you, to make you do work, leave this work, else you can never leave it, and Soumya did you get mad to support Krishna, you know wrong things result in wrong, I m saying as I m your friend, you both decide and its your wish.

Soumya tells Krishna that Suhani is right and cries. Krishna says I will use this money right way. Suhani says illegal way earned money can’t be for right use. Soumya says yes, I became wrong to give my child a good future, but we will work hard together, return this cheque and refuse for this work, please. She keeps his hand on her head. He says fine Soumya. Suhani asks them to go home now and make a new start with their coming baby. Krishna saks Soumya to come, and takes the chowki. The bomb chowki is still there. Sajan heard them and says this chowki is not any normal chowki, there is something behind it, but what.

Its morning, Suhani wakes up and sees juice kept by Yuvraaj. She asks whats this bad smell. He says its aloe vera juice, you have to drink it. she asks what, are you mad, I won’t drink. He says I know its bitter, but its good for babies’ health. She asks him to drink half. He says you are pregnant, not me, drink it. She says I will take revenge when children come. He makes her drink it and laughs. She says you did big sin, if you dare, take a sip and show. He drinks and says oh god, this is really bad, I will share such bitter things next time to encourage Suhani. Suhani says please don’t make me drink this. He says fine, I promise I will share such things next time, I have to go to prepare a surprise. He leaves.

Krishna apologizes to the man and says sorry, I can’t do this work, take this box. Sajan looks on. Krishna stops getting message and says you have sent one crore rs in my account. The man says yes, you are hardworking, just do this work. Krishna says fine, I will not do anything else. The man says we will miss you. Sajan thinks whats the matter. The man tells Krishna to switch on the button in chowki, it will sign to other party that charity reached the place. Krishna says fine, understood and takes the box. He goes. The man says Krishna wants to leave this job, once the switch is on, bomb will get activated, Krishna will die. Sajan hears this.

Dadi gifts everyone. Rags thinks she will get diamond necklace. Dadi gives her gold necklace. Rags asks why gold necklace, instead diamond one. Saurabh says you know what to do to get diamond necklace. Dadi gifts Saraswati idol to Gauri and simple pearl necklace to Bhavna, saying it has your Dada ji’s blessings, he made this by hand. Dadi gifts Suhani and Soumya and asks who changed these boxes. Suhani says it happened by mistake, its fine. Krishna thinks how to talk to Soumya, if Suhani sees this bag, it will be problem.

Suhani looks for Yuvraaj and thinks what surprise is he planning. Pratima gives protective thread to Suhani and asks her to make Yuvraaj wear it too. Krishna goes and checks chowki. He thinks there is no switch in this, and where is real chowki. Sajan tells Barbie that he has changed chowki, he will switch trigger at aarti time and everyone will die. Barbie gets glad and says Lord is helping you in killing them. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he planned surprise, he has sent money to Sajan’s village to his mother. Suhani gets glad and thanks him. the man comes to Yuvraaj and says there is no name of Sajan in that village, Sajan and his mum are not known by anyone in that village. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Barbie tells Sajan not to kill Suhani, just kill her family, I want Suhani to die thinking her family got killed because of her, my revenge will get completed.

Sajan asks Suhani to meet his sister. She says I will meet after aarti. He insists. Yuvraaj informs Sharad that Sajan is a fraud. Sharad tells him that Sajan is missing and even Suhani. Yuvraaj gets shocked.

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