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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani and Sharad walking in Birla house with Yuvaan. Pratima gets shocked seeing Yuvaan with Suhani and Sharad. Yuvani asks Yuvaan to introduce your mumma. Dadi sees Suhani and recalls taking one baby of Suhani. Yuvaan says I will introduce mumma to everyone. He introduces Suhani to Pratima, who got unwell in temple. Suhani and Pratima cry. Suhani greets Pratima. Yuvaan says she is my new friend Krishna. Suhani kisses Krishna’s forehead. Yuvaan says this is Yuvani’s Bade Papa. Yuvani says he is so good, he gets gifts for us every day. Yuvaan says this is my Mamu Sharad. Saurabh says nice meeting you and hugs Sharad. Yuvaan says this is Badi Dadi….. Suhani looks at Dadi and touches her feet.

Dadi blesses Suhani. Yuvani says I m Yuvani, we met earlier at many places, you gave me blood in hospital. Suhani hugs Yuvani and cries. Soumya looks on. Yuvaan asks Suhani why is she crying. Don’t cry mumma. Sharad says she is not crying, something went in her eyes.

Rags and Menka come home and get shocked seeing Suhani. Menka reacts and asks Suhani did you come back again. Yuvaan asks who are you, how do you know my mumma. Saurabh asks Yuvani and Krishna to show house to Yuvaan and Suhani. The girls take Suhani. Suhani stops and sees her house. Pratima says house and people change with time. Yuvaan says you did not meet Yuvraaj uncle. Suhani says no, we will meet later, why to trouble him. Yuvaan takes her to Yuvraaj’s room. Suhani stops at the door and sees the room. She recalls Yuvraaj and her old moments.

Yuvani says Papa is not in Allahabad, he went out. She shows her room. Suhani sees kids room. Yuvaan says even my room is good, I will show you when you come my home. Yuvani shows Yuvraaj’s pic. Rags asks did Suhani marry again, whose son is that. Dadi says why do we care, Soumya is this house bahu now, Suhani is no one for us. She goes. Pratima hugs Sharad and cries. She asks did you not miss us. Sharad says I missed you, Suhani was alone and broken, I had to support her, Suhani missed you all every day, she did not forget anything, she could not make you all away from her heart.

Suhani smiles seeing Yuvani. Yuvani shows her makeup items and asks Suhani not to sit on her side of bed, she does not like it. Krishna asks Suhani to sit on her side. Krishna asks Yuvaan and Yuvani to come and play. Krishna asks Yuvaan why did your mumma not come here before. Suhani cries seeing Yuvani and says I did not know a beautiful fairy stays here, when I came here, I got to know two fairies stay here.

Dadi thinks how to tell everyone who is Yuvaan. She is tensed. Suhani goes to Dadi and says Dadi…. Menka comes and says I m being clear, Suhani has habit to come on wrong time and snatch everything, this house is of my son. Rags says yes, Suhani’s second marriage’s child won’t have value in this house. Suhani asks Dadi to see how they are talking, they are asking who is Yuvaan, you tell mke what should I answer them, but I want to know who is Yuvani. Saurabh and everyone come. Saurabh says what do you mean Suhani, Yuvani is your daughter.

Suhani asks Dadi about this truth, I was told that I just had one child and my other child died. Pratima says but Yuvani is that child, who is Yuvaan. Suhani says Yuvaan is that only child for me. Rags says enough, do you know what you are saying. Suhani says yes, I know. Pratima asks whats the matter, we don’t understand, who is Yuvaan. Suhani says Yuvaan is your grandson, he is Yuvraaj and my son. Pratima and everyone get shocked. Saurabh signs Sharad and asks. Sharad nods. Pratima says this can’t happen, and recalls Dadi saying other child did not survive. Saurabh says Dadi said you had one child and you left the child.

Suhani says I was giving one child and I was told my other child died at birth, I did not know about Yuvani, I did not know I have a daughter, I felt that Yuvaan is my only son. She cries. Everyone look on shocked.

Pratima asks Dadi what is Suhani saying, tell us is this true, did you lie to all of us. Suhani says yes, Dadi has lied to all of us once again, she cheated us. Dadi says yes, I lied, I cheated, as I did not understand anything that time, you were leaving. Suhani says yes, I could not face anyone, this house got ruined because of me, it does not mean I don’t love my children. Dadi asks who would we have if you took both kids. Menka says my son, sorry. Suhani says what did you feel I would have snatched your grandchildren. Dadi says yes, you said you will leave with your children. Suhani says I said I can’t face family, Yuvraaj had equal rights on children, you did not understand. Dadi says I took one child and left one for you, I lied to family, I don’t regret, I did what I felt right. She says if I did not do this at that time, Yuvani would have not been with us. Suhani says we are living a life of lie, my both children are staying apart being siblings, they got divided because of you.

Yuvaan asks Suhani shall we stay here. Pratima asks her to stay. Even Krishna and Yuvani request Suhani to stay back.

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