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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Barbie telling everyone that she was unwell and had acidity, she went to doctor for checkup and came to know she is pregnant. Lata cries and says I wish Suhani was here. Pankaj says Suhani would have been very happy. Pratima says when Suhani comes back, she will be happy. She asks Yuvraaj how did he get this mud. Yuvraaj says I fell on road, I m fine, congrats Barbie. Barbie thanks him. she says I felt you all will be happy with this news. Menka tells Rags that she is missing Suhani. Dadi tells Yuvraaj that you will get a child now.

Suhani is treated at hospital. Doctor tells nurse that this girl was in jungle since 3 days in unconscious state, she is alive and fighting, it seems she does not want to die or if someone else does not want her to die, its miracle. Pratima asks Barbie to take care of Suhani’s child and till Suhani, just do as I say. Barbie nods. Yuvraaj says sorry Pankaj ji, I will talk to you later. He sees Suhani’s pic and goes to his room.

Sharad goes to Yuvraaj in his room and asks him to clean the mud. Yuvraaj says Suhani wanted this child, why did this incident not happen with me. Sharad consoles him and asks him to freshen up. He asks him to be strong and take care of Pratima.

Barbie asks Dadi is she not happy. Dadi says I m worried for Yuvraaj, whatever the reason, he loved Suhani a lot. Barbie says then time can’t make him fine. Dadi says he needs support, this is not time to joke, you become his support, its your responsibility to make him fine, go and learn to make juice for Yuvraaj, ask Ramesh and make juice from tomorrow. Barbie agrees.

Yuvraaj reads Suhani’s diary. He recalls that moments and smiles. Suhani sees Yuvraaj sleeping so early and says how can he sleep as if its midnight. Yuvraaj smiles seeing those moments live infront of him. Suhani says this pillow wall can’t stop me from coming close to you, I know this wall will be gone soon, our love can never get less. She sleeps close to him and holds his hand. Yuvraaj cries seeing that moment. He sees the bed and hugs Suhani’s pillow. He says you said right, nothing can make our love less, none can come between us. He closes eyes and cries.

Barbie wakes up Yuvraaj in morning. She gives the juice. He says no need to do all this, Ramesh will manage. She says I don’t have any problem, I love doing it, I mean we are friends. I m here since many days and I m Suhani’s surrogate. He says yes ofcourse we are friends, I m really sorry to behave odd yesterday. She gives the juice to him. Dadi comes and says Yuvraaj does not drink this juice. She calls Ramesh and asks him to get juice for Yuvraaj. Barbie says juice is juice, whats wrong in ti if I made it by heart, I did not take help from servant’s recipe. Yuvraaj asks Barbie not to do this, and sends Ramesh to get juice. She says sorry, I mean what does it matter, I worry for you. He says its okay, relax. Dadi goes. Barbie says if Suhani was here, she would have come with me to doctor. He asks do you have appointment today, I will come along with you, this baby is Suhani’s. He goes to get ready. Dadi asks Barbie to take care of Yuvraaj.

Rags and Menka miss Suhani. Menka says Yuvraaj is going to hospital with Barbie, and bets whether Suhani will come back or not. Rags says I don’t know. Menka says I know, like Pratima has linked Suhani with this diya, I think Suhani will surely come back. Rags says no, this is just belief.

Sharad talks to Bhavna and pacifies her. They miss Suhani. He says I m also waiting for Suhani, you can raise Suhani’s child. She says you were close to Suhani. Pratima scolds Menka. They hear Pratima and go out. Pratima says Menka was blowing off this akhand jyot. Rags says no, we were just thinking does this diya has link with Suhani. Pratima says don’t lie, I know Menka well and scolds them. Menka says I know everyone doubt on me, this time I was not blowing off diya. Rags says yes. Pratima says maybe I was mistaken, sorry.

Suhani gets conscious. Yuvraaj and Barbie come to hospital and nurse gives him the form. Nurse says this is Suhani Birla’s form right. He says no, Barbie. She says sorry, I saw you with Suhani last week. A man hears this and taunts that men change wives like clothes these days. Yuvraaj gets angry and asks did you say anything to me. The man says no. Barbie stares at the man. The man signs her.

The man taunts Yuvraaj to roam with his pregnant girlfriend, rich people have habit to do this. Yuvraaj gets angry.

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