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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Yuvaan his mumma’s name. Dadi recalls Suhani’s kids and stops him. Soumya comes from temple and ties thread to Yuvani and Krishna. Dadi asks her to tie a thread to Yuvaan too. Soumya says sure, and ties thread. Dadi thinks he is Yuvraaj’s son, my grandson, my heir. Pratima asks him to call his Mamu. Yuvaan calls Sharad. He tells him that he is in Birla house. Sharad says stay there, I will come to take you, Suhani is busy. Yuvaan says my mumma is busy in meeting, so my Mamu is coming. Dadi thinks Sharad is coming. Sharad turns and asks Suhani to reach hotel, he will get Yuvaan.

Soumya washes face and cries. She says I did big mistake, I should have told Suhani that Yuvraaj is legal father of Krishna. Soumya goes to kids. Dadi thinks to stop Sharad from coming here. Soumya tells Krishna that they have to leave home, Yuvani won’t come with us. Krishna asks why, I won’t go without Yuvani and Yuvraaj. Soumya says they won’t come with me, listen to me. Krishna hides in cupboard and Soumya asks her to come out. She cries.

Dadi asks Yuvani to show her birthday gifts to Yuvaan. He says my mumma gave me basketball in my birthday, I play well, but not better than Yuvraaj uncle. Dadi asks him will he play now. He says yes Dadi and hugs her. He says you are really nice. Dadi smiles happily.

Krishna asks Soumya to open cupboard. Soumya pulls hard and opens door. Krishna hugs her and says don’t take me from here, I want to be with everyone here.

Sharad comes to Birla house and cries recalling the old time. Dadi stops him. He touches her feet and she gets back. She says you all decided to go from here years ago, and promised that you will never come back and move on in life, we all also moved on, see we are very happy, I think even Yuvaan is happy without us, so let things be same, don’t try to spoil things, take Yuvaan from here and don’t come back ever. She calls Yuvaan. Yuvaan says he is my Mamu, and shows the basketball Dadi gave him. Mamu says Suhani taught you not to take gifts from strangers and drops the ball. He takes Yuvaan and leaves from there.

Yuvaan eats icecream. He tells Sharad about Dadi’s gift, and asks why did he throw it. Sharad says don’t tell Suhani about Birla house visit, else she will be worried. Yuvaan says mumma always says lying is bad. Sharad says yes, but its not wrong to lie to save relations.

Pratima looks for Yuvaan. Dadi says he left, his Mama was in hurry, I decided something, we all will go somewhere out, I got Manali tickets, pack bags. Pratima asks when do we have to leave. Dadi says right away, I can’t bear this city. Yuvani gets glad.

Suhani meets Sharad and Yuvaan. She hugs Yuvaan and asks where were you. Yuvaan says I was at Sharad’s friend’s house, they treated me very well, they tied a thread to my hand. Suhani sees same thread which Soumya tied to her hand, and asks him about the thread, what was that aunty’s name. Sharad says whats in name, it does not matter, its just a thread. Suhani says it matters, my friend tied same thread to me, where did Yuvaan go. She asks Yuvaan to say truth. Sharad says don’t ask him anything, I will answer you. He asks Yuvaan to sit in car. Yuvaan goes. Sharad tells Suhani that Yuvaan went to Birla house. She says I don’t want him to go there. He says that is his house, he has right to go there. Yuvaan told me that everyone loved him. She says he will not go there, I don’t want to keep relation with them. He says let Yuvaan decide.

She says I did not stop you from going there, you are son of that house, you have right. He says even Yuvaan is son of that house, he has right. She says I m his family, he has no one there. Yuvaan thinks Suhani is arguing with Sharad as he lied. He says sorry, I will not go to Yuvani’s house. Sharad thinks Yuvani is Soumya and Yuvraaj’s daughter. He asks Yuvaan to sit in car. Suhani asks did you go to Yuvani’s house. Yuvaan says Yuvraaj uncle is Yuvani’s dad. Suhani gets shocked. Yuvaan says Yuvraaj gave me blood right, just like you gave blood to Yuvani.

Suhani says yes, as our bloods matched. He says our birthdays also fall on same day. Suhani cries and sits in shock. She tells Sharad that Yuvani…… is my daughter. Yuvaan hugs Suhani and says sorry, I won’t go there again, don’t argue with Mamu. Shard asks Suhani is Yuvani your daughter. Suhani nods and cries. Sharad gets shocked. He says but Dadi said…… Suhani says I m also thinking this, why did Dadi do this with me.

Saurabh gives tickets to Dadi and says you all leave, I will come tomorrow along Rags and Menka. Pratima asks kids to come, they will leave now. Someone comes there. Pratima opens the door. Suhani walks in with Sharad and Yuvaan. They all get shocked.

Yuvani calls Suhani as aunty. Yuvaan introduces Suhani to Dadi.

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