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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Gauri to recall well again. Gauri hides behind Dadi. Dadi says stay away from Gauri, she won’t lie, she said Pankaj did this. Suhani says trust me Dadi, my Papa can’t do this. Lata says yes, he can’t do anything like this, trust us. She asks Aditya to tell something, he knows Pankaj well. Aditya says I think Gauri is saying right…. Lata, Pankaj and Suhani get shocked.

He holds Gauri’s hand. Lata cries and breaks down. Suhani scolds Aditya for blaming Pankaj, how can he say this. Aditya says I know Gauri, she can’t lie, its about her respect. Rags says wow Suhani, you are great, if anyone of us did this mistake, you would have been against us, when its your family member, you are defending your dad, as if he is Lord.

Suhani says I trust my dad completely, he can never do such thing. She cries and promises them that she will bring the culprit out. Dadi scolds Suhani for putting blame on someone else. Suhani says I realize Gauri’s pain, but I have trust on my Papa, my Papa can’t do this. Dadi says its not about trust, its about justice. Saurabh says Suhani there will be some truth if Gauri is saying. Bhavna says no, Papa can’t do this. She asks Gauri to say. Dadi asks Bhavna to stop it. Gauri says Suhani explained me about some people coming close wrong way. Suhani says yes, but it can’t be my dad. Bhavna says that room has dim light, maybe Gauri is identifying that man wrong. Suhani cries and asks Yuvraaj to say anything, tell Gauri, everyone is blaming my Papa.

Gauri cries and runs. Aditya and everyone run after her. Everyone ask Gauri to open the door. Suhani asks Gauri to come out. Dadi scolds Suhani and asks her to go away. She asks Yuvraaj and Saurabh to break the door fast. Rakhi asks Krishna why will they get insulted, come. Soumya says I have to talk to Suhani. Krishna says no need, come. They open the door to leave and get shocked….

Everyone go to Gauri’s room and see her crying. Dadi hugs Gauri. Aditya says we all are with you Gauri. Krishna sees police at the door. Inspector says we have come to arrest Pankaj, we got FIR filed. Krishna asks what, who filed FIR? Aditya says I called inspector. Inspector asks Gauri can she give statement. Aditya says yes, she will give statement. Yuvraaj asks Aditya what is he doing, its personal matter and I will not leave the culprit, no need to go to police. Aditya says what, you are moving back when your sister needs your help, your wife always fought for truth, I will support my wife, she will give statement. He asks Gauri to listen, and tells her to say everything what happened.

Gauri says I tried to run and threw things on Pankaj, but he misbehaved. She cries and hugs Dadi. Dadi says don’t trouble her, she is scared, arrest Pankaj. Gauri says this man is not good. Pankaj says there is nothing like this, I did not do anything, she is like my daughter. Bhavna says he is my Papa, he can’t do anything. Suhani says he is very good man, its some misunderstandings. Lata says my husband is innocent. Aditya says then ask him why did he go upstairs. Pankaj says I got call and went to talk on terrace. Aditya says take him inspector. Inspector says we can’t trust Pankaj. He asks Gauri what happened with her in the room. Gauri cries. Aditya says she can’t tell anything now. Inspector says we will check her room, maybe we will find some clue.

Inspector gets the room checked by the staff. They get some evidences. Radhe looks on. Inspector sees him hiding and calls him out. He asks what are you seeing. The police seals the room. Radhe says I was just seeing. Inspector warns him. Everyone wait for inspector. Inspector comes them and says room’s state was like Gauri said, we have to arrest Pankaj as evidence and witness are against him. They all get shocked. Pankaj gets arrested and his family cries.

Sharad says I know him well, he can’t do this, its misunderstanding. Pankaj’s family tries to convince inspector. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj…. Dadi asks Gauri not to worry, she will get Pankaj severely punished. Suhani cries. Krishna asks his family to come along. Soumya says no, Suhani needs me right now, I can’t come. Rags asks Menka to come, they will go out and see the drama. Gauri asks Dadi to call Pratima. Saurabh consoles her and says we are with you. Yuvraaj worries.

Suhani comes with her face blackened. Bhavna cries and asks how did this happen. Suhani says I will bring out the culprit infront of everyone.

Written Update By Amena


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