Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th September 2016 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki serial

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj calling Suhani. She is unable to pick call being busy in cooking. Sambhav comes and answers call. He makes her talk to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj tells about sending school kit to Yuvaan. She says it was not needed. He says I m his father. Yuvaan comes and is happy to get the kit. He shows everything to Suhani and thanks Yuvraaj. Sambhav gets angry. Yuvaan shows the kit to Lata and says Papa got this for me. Lata says Sambhav’s choice is good. Sambhav says no, Yuvraaj has sent this, I wanted to take Yuvaan on shopping. Suhani says you can take him for shopping later, but we can get sofa today, if there is any problem, I will sleep on sofa and you can sleep on bed.

Krishna and Yuvani make the doll house. Rags goes to them and offers help. Yuvani says its done, we will play now. Rags reminds the toys Dadi gave her on her 2nd birthday. Yuvani tells Krishna about the gifts. Pankaj comes home and tells Suhani that he met Yuvraaj in market. Sambhav says I was also thinking about Yuvraaj, we should get him remarried. Suhani asks is there any girl in his sight, I have a condition, my dad will choose that girl as he regards Yuvraaj as his son. Pankaj praises Yuvraaj and goes. Sambhav gets angry. Yuvani and Krishna play.

Rags stops Menka and asks what do you have, this new makeup box, you have stolen my voucher. Menka says I did not, you left voucher in my room. They argue. Bhavna stops their fight and says I have one way to end this fight, whoever threads this needle first will win. Bhavna says we will calculate time. Menka tries to thread needle. Rags steps on her feet and needle falls. Menka says Rags did cheating. Everyone laugh. Yuvani walks towards them. Krishna sees Yuvani stepping on the needle and pushes her. Dadi comes there and sees Krishna pushing Yuvani. Yuvani falls down. Dadi sees Krishna angrily.

Sambhav gets a shocker device in phone and puts on the doll. He calls on the phone and doll falls. He smiles. Suhani talks to Yuvraaj about Yuvaan and thanks him. He says no sorry and thanks in friendship. She tells Pankaj she will just come. Sambhav takes her phone and says I should give some shock to Suhani, then she will know her friendship with Yuvraaj is wrong. Dadi hugs Yuvani and tells Soumya that Krishna pushed Yuvani. Bhavna says it happened by mistake and does first aid. Soumya asks how did this happen. Yuvani says Krishna pushed me and cries.

Dadi says Krishna will get punished, Krishna won’t get icecream for a month. She takes Yuvani with her. Krishna hugs Soumya and says I did not do anything, ask Bhavna, Menka dropped needle and Yuvani was stepping on it, I was saving her, but no one heard me, why does Dadi hate me. Bhavna says no one hates you. Soumya hugs Krishna. She says why does Yuvani not take your side, she always takes Dadi’s support, don’t take tension, I will make things fine.

Suhani’s phone rings. Yuvaan goes to pick. She says I will check it. She answers the call and gets the electric shock. Yuvraaj comes and hears her scream. He rushes to her and moves her. She falls down. Pankaj comes and asks what happened. They make Suhani lie on the sofa. Lata comes and asks what happened to Suhani, call doctor. Pankaj calls doctor and asks him to come home fast.

Soumya gives tea to Dadi. Dadi says its not that you will give me tea and I will give you keys. Soumya says I don’t want keys, you keep it. Dadi asks what do you want. Rags tells Menka that she called everyone in tomorrow’s kitty, we will wear chiffon flowing gowns. She praises her looks.

Doctor checks Suhani and says she is fine, she got shock by her phone, maybe its damaged. Sambhav comes and asks what happened to Suhani. Doctor says she got shock from her phone, she is fine. Yuvraaj tells Suhani she will get fine. Doctor says Suhani can’t hear anything, she held phone near her ear, her ears are damaged and she can’t hear well for some days. They all get shocked. Suhani says I m not able to hear, ask doctor to talk loud. Doctor says no need to worry, I will leave. Everyone tell Suhani that she will get fine. Suhani says say aloud, I can’t hear. Sambhav signs her. Yuvaan says you can’t explain her, till she gets fine, you all be quiet. He hugs Suhani.

Suhani asks who is there and looks around. Someone comes. She sees the shadow on the wall and screams. She rushes and falls down.

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