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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with everyone looking for Suhani in the jungle. Police also tries finding her. Yuvraaj gets sad and looks around. Some dry leaves there move, and Suhani is under the leaves. Inspector brings mangalsutra and asks does this belong to her. Yuvraaj cries seeing it. He recalls the marriage and sits there. Inspector goes. Yuvraaj does not see Suhani there, whereas Barbie sees her hand. She thinks is that Suhani’s hand. She stands on Suhani’s hand and crushes. She asks Yuvraaj to come with her. Yuvraaj gets up and leaves from there.

He goes far. Barbie looks on. Saurabh tells Yuvraaj that police has lost hope, they are saying Suhani will never come back, this jungle is deep and we reached much late, if we came early, then maybe…. I m sorry Yuvraaj. Dadi tells everyone that nothing will happen to Suhani. Lata says you are right. Menka tells Rags that did Suhani really die. Rags says don’t know. Pratima tells Dadi that nothing can happen to Suhani, see this Akhand Jyot is still burning, none will tell bad about her. Menka agrees. Menka tells Rags that Suhani has to come back, else what will we plan. Rags asks Menka to shut up. Bhavna hugs Lata and consoles her.

Saurabh asks Yuvraaj to say something. Yuvraaj says inspector you can stop Suhani’s search, but I won’t, because if Suhani was in my place, she would have never lost, I will also not lose. Soumya says I m with you Yuvraaj, we will find Suhani. Yuvraaj asks inspector to go, but I won’t go, even if its risky, I will not leave Suhani alone here. Barbie checks Suhani and pushes her down on the sliding ground. They all hear the sound and turn to Barbie.

Yuvraaj runs there with others. He asks Barbie did she see anything. Soumya sees blood on Barbie’s hand and asks about it. Barbie shows the blood stained cloth she found there. Inspector says there is much blood marks here, as if someone is taken down there by dragging. Soumya and Yuvraaj cry. Soumya says no, Suhani can’t go like this by leaving me. Saurabh says sorry Yuvraaj…. Barbie gets tensed. Yuvraaj asks inspector can’t this blood be of someone else.

Yuvraaj, Barbie, Soumya and Saurabh come home. Everyone look for Suhani. Pankaj says I knew Suhani will not be found in jungle, what will she do there, you wasted time. Bhavna asks Soumya why are you crying, tell me what happened. Lata asks Soumya to say. She worries and shouts Suhani, no….

Lata cries. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to say what happened. Soumya cries and says there is no hope left now. Saurabh says we got her cloth pieces with blood stained, maybe any wild animal …. Now there is no hope. They all cry. Pankaj says Yuvraaj, maybe its some mistake. Barbie tells Dadi that maybe Suhani fell accidentally. She hugs Dadi and says I tried, but could not do anything. Dadi moves Barbie away and gets in shock that Suhani died. She murmurs that I did not think this. Pankaj hugs Yuvraaj and cries. Snoopi gets sad too.

Pankaj says Suhani was my courage and strength. Yuvraaj apologizes to him. Pratima says stop it, did you get her dead body. Rags says wild animals… Pratima says did anyone see her. Saurabh says there was blood there. Yuvraaj says I know this is tough, but this is truth. Pratima says this is not tough, we did not get any proof, they just went to find Suhani, how can they say she died. Barbie shows the blood stained cloth. Pratima says no one has seen Suhani there, I m not feeling bad, I don’t believe all this.

She gets the akhand Jyot and shows them that its still there, why should I believe Suhani is not alive, I m sure that Suhani is alive and she will come back, and you see this diya will light like this, don’t cry, I will not believe she is dead, Yuvraaj you promise me you will not lose courage. Yuvraaj sees everyone crying. He says I trust you Maa, because I also know Suhani can never leave me. Suhani is shown lying in the jungle.

Dadi tells Barbie that this was not my plan. Barbie says it was an accident. Yuvraaj comes there and asks Barbie what was Suhani trying to tell me that day.

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