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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2015 Written Update

Dadi signing the ladies and going. Gauri looks for Dadi and the ladies stop her. Suhnai pacifies Soumya and says everything will be fine. Lalita and Rakhi cry infront of Yuvraaj and say don’t know who will help us. Yuvraaj asks them not to cry. Lalita says I had just one son, who will become our support. Yuvraaj thinks they really need money, shall I help them. The ladies say Suhani has sent us to take you home. Gauri asks about Dadi. They ask her to come. Dadi looks on and says its good to get rid of this problem.

Suhani asks Lalita not to worry and tell them if they need anything. Soumya says we don’t need anything, but just your support. Suhani says I m always with you. Bhavna asks Rags about cooking for her. Menka says make something good. Bhavna says fine. Rags says Bhavna, don’t you think we get insulted because of Gauri, its high time we have to take a stand.

Dadi makes excuse of talking to commissioner. The ladies make Gauri sit in the car. The lady calls Dadi and tells her that they will keep Gauri with them in ashram, and thanks for donation. Gauri hears this and gets shocked. Dadi acts infront of Yuvraaj and Suhani, and asks commissioner to find Gauri, she will send her pic. Menka asks Dadi why is she trying to get joker back. Suhani asks what. Dadi says I got busy in shopping and Gauri went somewhere. Suhani says its my mistake. Yuvraaj says no, its none’s mistake, we know Mili is not mentally stable. Pratima says we will find her. Suhani says we will find Mili soon. Dadi gets tensed and asks why. They stop and look at her. Dadi says I mean whats the use, I have found her everywhere. Suhani says maybe you did not see her. Dadi asks am I blind. Yuvraaj says we all will find her, come Sharad and Suhani. Dadi says I will come along. Yuvraaj says no, you already feel guilty, be at home. Dadi says I will come. Rags says its hot outside, you will get ill. Dadi says I know, so you take umbrella and come with me. Menka laughs. Dadi asks Menka to come along too. Soumya gets producer’s call and is shocked.

Sharad, Saurabh, Yuvraaj and Suhani look for Gauri in the market. Yuvraaj asks how will we find her, she is nowhere to be seen. Suhani says we will ask shopkeepers. Menka holds umbrella and says Dadi you changed, you got partial and did not let Rags hold umbrella. Dadi calls someone and says take her to Suhagi, take her away where no one can reach. She ends call and sees Suhani behind her. Suhani says we will find in Suhagi, maybe the people took her back.

Dadi asks why, find her in market. Suhani says we can know about her family. Pratima and Anuj also try finding Gauri. Pratima says yes, we should find in Suhagi. Yuvraaj says no, we will inform police first. Dadi worries and messages someone. Dadi says we can’t file complaint before 24 hours. Yuvraaj says we can inform police of Suhagi. Suhani agrees. Dadi says we shall go home, I know an officer, I will contact him. Yuvraaj says Dadi is right, she knows senior officers, we can find Mili, don’t worry, I will find your Mili, smile now. Suhani smiles. Dadi calls someone and says do as I say, don’t send Gauri anywhere.

Krishna tells Soumya that he is fine now and gets up. She asks him not to do this and walk by someone’s support. She holds him and asks him to be careful. He says I have to get well and go to work. She asks him to rest. He says I can’t rest, I have to go on shoot. She says fine, but you need rest at this time. He says he is thinking to rehearse dialogues on the sets. She gets sad and cries.

Krishna says come, we will rehearse on time. She says no need, they have removed you from the film. He asks what. She says yes producer called and said he can’t stop shooting for a day, so he gave hero’s role to someone else. Krishna asks her to leave him alone for some time and gets sad. Birla family comes home. Dadi says she will call commissioner. Yuvraaj says fine, I will talk to her., Dadi asks what, don’t you trust me, I will take your help if I need. He says fine. Menka says see there. They all get shocked seeing Gauri at the door. They all rush to Gauri. Dadi calls the ashram lady and says Gauri reached home, thanks, I will tell plan later. Suhani hugs Gauri and is relieved. She says sorry, I should have not left you alone. Pratima asks where was she, is she fine. Yuvraaj asks where did she go.

Suhani asks how did you arrive right here, did everyone fall you. Dadi suggests talk to her later on, let her relaxation. Pratima says Certainly, Dadi is saying right. Pratima asks Rags and Menka their strategies for diwali. Menka suggests no options, I don’t know whose band to Perform. Rags symptoms her. Pratima claims I m asking diwali programs for home. Rags claims I don’t understand about perform, ask Ramesh. Suhani claims you the two are also bahu, its not very good to be so lazy. Bhavna says she’s using Golu for polio dose. Pratima asks Bhavna to get Suhani alongside. Rags and Menka say we want to appear. Bhavna agrees to consider them, as Suhani stays fast paced in caring for Gauri. They go away. Suhani gets sad.

Suhani reads the guide to Gauri. She says about Chandrakanta. Gauri claims Chandrakala Dadi. Suhani thinks How can Gauri know Dadi’s title.

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