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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani saying plan is dangerous but we have to do this as problem is also big. He asks what is your plan. They hear Dadi shouting and rush to her. Saurabh asks Dadi why were you shouting. Dadi says she tried to kill me. Menka says no, I did not do anything. Rags says Menka was with me, she was beating me thinking I m fake Dadi, you all know Menka is duffer. Suhani asks where is other Dadi. Fake Dadi comes and asks whats happening. Dadi says she tried to kill me. Fake Dadi asks are you mad, you snatched my house and now making me a murderer. Dadi says Yuvraaj, I m saying true, she is acting. She asks Suhani can’t she see fake Dadi. Fake Dadi says her name is Suhani, and I m calling her by name since long time. Suhani says enough, I will find out truth today. She goes. Sharad asks Pratima what is Suhani going to do. Sambhav says I hope Suhani does not take any extreme step in anger. Suhani says this is the way to know Dadi’s truth, we all know Dadi is the most powerful one in this house. She gets the ropes and says both Dadis will pull this rope, the one who wins is real Dadi. Pratima asks what are you saying. Sambhav says you won’t do this, you are not well. Suhani says Dadi was attacked, if we sit quiet, we can really lose anyone. Yuvraaj asks why you, tell Dadi to pull me. Suhani says no, Dadi dislikes me, she won’t have problem to pull me. Yuvraaj agrees.

Both Dadi start pulling Suhani. Suhani gets hurt and cries. Everyone look at both Dadis. Yuvani and Yuvaan come and asks Yuvraaj to tell Dadi not to pull mumma, Suhani will be hurt. Bhavna requests both Dadis to leave Suhani. Suhani asks Bhavna to go. Yuvaan says Dadi please leave Suhani. Suhani asks kids to go back. Suhani cries. Real Dadi stops pulling Suhani and sees Yuvraaj sad. Yuvraaj says enough now, stop this. He cries. Real Dadi leaves the rope on his saying. Fake Dadi smiles. They all look on. Rags says it means the one who left rope is fake Dadi. Suhani removes the ropes from her hand.

She goes to the one holding the rope and gives her a tight slap. Everyone get shocked. Rags asks how dare you Suhani, you slapped our Dadi. Suhani says this is not our Dadi. Menka says but this Dadi won. Suhani says no, see Yuvraaj’s tears and pain, who can’t see Yuvraaj in pain. Pratima says Maa ji and goes to real Dadi. Real Dadi cries. Suhani says I knew Dadi can’t see Yuvraaj and Yuvani’s pain, their tears matter to them, not this victory, I knew fake Dadi will win in any way to prove herself right. Fake Dadi asks her to shut up, this woman is lying, how can you trust her. Dadi says you can take my looks and talk like me, but you can’t get my heart. Suhani asks fake Dadi to shut up, I can prove you are wrong.

She asks Yuvraaj to get snoopi. Sambhav says but snoopi yesterday….. Suhani says wait Sambhav and calls Snoopi. Snoopi comes. Yuvraaj asks Snoopi to go to Dadi. Snoopi goes to real Dadi. Fake Dadi says this dog changed. Suhani says you changed the dog yesterday, I have proof, I got receipt from your room, we know this can’t happen that Snoopi does not identify Dadi. Suhani asks why did you do this, people hate bad looking people because of people like you. Fake Dadi says you don’t know what happens with us, when our beautiful sister shows us down.

Suhani asks you think you will get love by making heart bad, this is my sister, I think there can be no one beautiful than her, everyone praised her always, I m proud of her, I did not care for my looks. Bhavna says because there can’t be better heart than Suhani, people praised my looks but praised Suhani’s nature. Fake Dadi says but this did not happen with me, Chandrakala always snatched my rights, so I took revenge. Fake Dadi stands properly and everyone get shocked. She says I came here to take revenge. Dadi says you lost from Suhani. Fake Dadi says I don’t care, I have done what I wanted to, I broke your house, every relation is bounded with a weak thread here, which can break anytime.

Fake Dadi asks Dadi what will you do of Yuvraaj and Suhani’s relation, he will be lonely always as I made his love marry someone else.

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