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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sambhav congratulating Yuvraaj for becoming a father. He says Soumya is pregnant. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Sharad asks what. Krishna hugs Yuvraaj. Suhani goes to her room and cries thinking of Soumya’s pregnancy. She says I have no right to apply this sindoor now. Yuvraaj asks Soumya whats all this, how can you be pregnant. She says ofcourse, I m not pregnant, I had acidity. He asks why did you not clear confusion. She says I did not get chance. He asks her to tell everyone and clear this mess.

Pratima comes to Suhani and gives her a kalash. She says you are my daughter, I can see your pain even if you hide. Suhani says I don’t hide anything from you, maybe I got selfish in last six years. Pratima says you can’t get selfish, I want to do your bidaai happily, you go from here, I m freeing you from promise today. Yuvraaj looks on.

Radhe fixes poster of baby centre services. He plays baby cry sound. Rakhi comes asking about the baby cry. Radhe says I got such idea that we will become kids’ caretaker, our money problem will get solved and you can stay with kids. She says great idea, we will get the person who has stolen our baby. He says we will go Birla house, if we get a kid to manage, we will get money.

Yuvraaj hears the kids talking about tying rakhis. Yuvraaj asks them to go, Suhani is leaving. Soumya says how to stop Yuvraaj from saying truth to Suhani. Suhani comes there to meet her. Suhani gives all those things she kept for Yuvani, but could not use, you can use this for your baby. Soumya thanks and hugs her. Yuvani tells Pratima that Yuvaan is going, you broke your promise. Pratima cries.

Suhani asks Soumya why are you thanking me, I interfered a lot in your life, I m going now, stay happy. Yuvraaj comes there and sees Suhani. He says Soumya, we should talk to everyone. Suhani says I m going, you can meet Yuvaan anytime, call me when you are coming, I will make you meet your son. She goes. Yuvraaj asks Soumya why did you not say truth to Suhani. Soumya says she got the gifts, how could I go. He asks if she goes then. Soumya says so? Don’t you want her to go? He says no, if she goes, Yuvaan will also leave, go and stop her.

Krishna ties rakhi and does rituals with Golu and Yuvaan. The kids hug. Bhavna says if Suhani can’t stay here, she can stay in this city, atleast kids can stay in same school. Pratima agrees to talk to Suhani. Kids say we will also talk to her. Yuvraaj stops Suhani and says I have to stay with Yuvaan. Suhani says you are going to start new life, you have full right to move on. He says I knew you will say this, you just want to get rid of all this. They see Soumya fainting. Everyone rush to her. Pratima asks are you fine Soumya, I will call doctor.

Rags, Menka and Sambhav get the people playing dhol. Rags and Menka dance and ask Pratima to get habitual to celebration now. Sharad says Soumya is unwell, whats the need for all this. Rags says fainting and all happens in pregnancy, Bhavna told me, I will feed sweets to Soumya first. She feeds sweets to Soumya and congratulates her. She gives sweets to Suhani too. She asks Yuvraaj to have sweets. Yuvraaj pushes Rags away. Saurabh asks Yuvraaj what are you doing. Yuvraaj says I m doing right, Soumya is not pregnant, our relation is not such, we are not married. They all get shocked. Yuvraaj says Soumya can’t be pregnant. Suhani gets shocked and drops the glass.

Sharad asks Leela to take the dhol people out. Rags says Yuvraja, you are behaving strange, don’t forget Soumya is your wife, she managed house and did so much for Yuvani, will you leave her so easily. Soumya says Yuvraaj is not leaving me. Yuvraaj says sorry. Soumya says no need to say sorry, I was alone after Krishna died, I had no one with me when I had my daughter Krishna, she was 5 day old, that time Yuvraaj supported me, he promised me that he will give name to Krishna, and Yuvani needed a mother. Pratima says I knew this, but Yuvraaj you married Soumya or not, answer me.

Saurabh says we did reception for you both too. Yuvraaj says all that was a drama. Pratima slaps him hard and says I can’t believe you did such thing, you stayed with Soumya without marrying her. Soumya says I also supported Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I was not ready to accept anyone. Menka says it means Soumya is not bahu and does not have right on this house. Suhani hugs Soumya. Pratima scolds Yuvraaj. Sharad says let it be, don’t freshen Soumya’s wounds. Everyone calm down Soumya. Yuvraaj goes.

Suhani takes Soumya to her room. Soumya stops Suhani and asks her not to leave her. Suhani says you always lied to me, why. Soumya says I was scared. Suhani says you never regarded me a friend, you lied about marriage, its such a big lie, why. Soumya says I was just scared, don’t know. Suhani says lie just hurts, I never complaint for anything, you are Yuvani’s mum, why did you lie to me, you felt I will do something, you did not trust me, I just came for Yuvani, I don’t have to do anything with anyone here.

Sharad asks Saurabh did you know this. Saurabh says no, else would I hide this from you. Sharad says right, I can’t believe this. Bhavna says it means Yuvraaj and Suhani stil…..

Rags asks Soumya not to talk to her, you did not tell me about your marriage, did you not trust us. Soumya says I was scared, I felt I can’t stay here if my truth comes out, I love Yuvani. Menka says you are using Yuvani to stay here. Rags gets goons’ call and says they are still troubling me for money, if I get caught, I will not leave you. She tells goons that she will give them money. Soumya cries.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Soumya and I did not cross any limits, he sleeps on sofa. They both argue.

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