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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Yuvraaj saying they kept a doll in the pram. Suhani says you have tried to harm Golu. Sudha comes and asks what happened. Rishi acts innocent. Suhani tells everything about Rishi hiding Golu. Sudha asks what nonsense. Suhani says his watch had the yellow thread. Bhavna asks Rishi how can she do this, its its brother’s son. The neighbor ladies and ask what happened. Sharad says a thief came. Sudha says I will tell the truth. Lata says its our family matter. Sudha scolds them and says Bhavna has killed Amit and now wants to kill my grandson, and blaming Rishi.

Suhani says Rishi has done this, I have seen by my eyes. She asks her to see her son’s doings and asks him why did he do this. The lady says whats the problem when Rishi wants to marry Bhavna. Yuvraaj says how can we send Bhavna there, if Rishi wants to harm her son and his mum is favoring him. Rishi says why will I do this. Yuvraaj beats Rishi. Lata stops him. Pankaj says I know Yuvraaj, he won’t beat anyone without any reason. Sudha asks Rishi not to marry this widow, and they will take Golu. Sharad comes in between and asks her not to think, Bhavna is not alone. Sudha says you guys are not doing right, we will get you in court and get our grandson. She leaves with Rishi.

Lata asks Pankaj what did we do. Yuvraaj says we all are with her. The ladies say till when, who will keep Bhavna. Suhani defends Bhavna and says Sudha has insulted Bhavna. The ladies suggest Lata to talk to Sudha. Yuvraaj says Amit is not here, but we will take care of Bhavna and Golu. Lata says Bhavna can’t stay alone, there is difference between Suhani and Yuvraaj.

Suhani says after some time, Bhavna will get some nice man in her life. Sharad gets teary eyed and goes to Lord’s idol. Suhani says Bhavna will get happiness, Lord has taken Amit and will send someone for her protection. Sharad takes the sindoor box and recalls Amit’s accident. He walks to Bhavna and sees her crying holding Golu. Sharad recalls he did the accident where Amit died.

Suhani says you all see, Bhavna’s life will get better one day, its not time that widow’s life will get ruined. Lata says maybe that man will love Bhavna, but not accept Golu, Sudha would have made Rishi accept Golu. Yuvraaj says no, we want someone who accepts Golu by heart. Sharad says Yuvraaj is right. He takes sindoor and fills Bhavna’s maang. They all get shocked. Mangalaya tano hari…………….plays…………….. Bhavna looks at him.

Suhani shouts Sharad. Sharad says you said right, Bhavna has right to be happy, Golu will get father’s love, Rishi is not needed. Suhani asks why did he do this, he should have asked Bhavna once. Sharad says now Bhavna can live life as per her wish, how can Bhavna stay with Rishi who does not respect her. Lata says this was not the way. Bhavna says I don’t agree to this marriage. Suhani says yes, marriage does not happen like this and scolds Sharad. Yuvraaj says but Suhani, Sharad is very much better than Rishi. Suhani says it does not mean we will send Sharad with anyone, Bhavna don’t know him, how can he fill sindoor like this.

Pankaj requests neighbor ladies to leave. Yuvraaj says trust me Suhani, I did not see Sharad so sure about anything. Suhani says Bhavna is not any thing, does her wish does not marry. Pankaj talks to Sharad and says I like you, but I can’t give my daughter like this, you took decision in hurry, Bhavna is not burden for us. Sharad says I did not take decision in hurry, I could not bear this since few days, Sudha was taunting Bhavna, I felt Lata will compromise with Sudha, Rishi is bad, Sudha should apologize.

Bhavna tells Lata that she can’t imagine just about anything, no one cares for her wish. Suhani says explain to me, and asks Lata to not pressurize Bhavna. Lata claims Sharad has filled sindoor, Sharad just isn’t anyone unidentified. Suhani states we can’t mail Bhavnw with him. Lata says we know Sharad, just think Yuvraaj and Suhani will be there with Bhavna, its great. Yuvraaj comes and claims Sharad is way much better than Rishi, We all know Amit’s relatives truth. Sharad and Pankaj appear there. Sharad takes Golu and suggests I m not the best person for Bhavna, but I’ll try out to become a dependable father and spouse, I will discover a fantastic career shortly. Yuvraaj asks Lata not to fret, as Bhavna will arrive at Birla property.

Suhani asks did they consider Dadi, what’s going to she do. Yuvraaj states I will influence her. Suhani says I don’t Consider so. Lata suggests you and Yuvraaj are with Bhavna, Dadi will agree. Suhani asks Bhavna does she want this as well. Bhavna cries.

Menka shockingly phone calls Rags to check out. Dadi and everyone get stunned seeing Sharad and Bhavna on the doorway.

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