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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Dadi forcibly making Gauri have wrong medicines. Suhani goes there. Sharad says he was looking for her, and Suhani goes to Gauri’s room. She sees Dadi making Gauri sleep in her lap and saying story. Dadi acts to fool Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani to let Gauri sleep. Dadi leaves. Gauri holds Suhani’s dupatta and cries. She vomits the medicines and shows Suhani. Suhani asks whats this, who gave you this. Gauri says she won’t eat this, Dadi gave this. Suhani asks Dadi?

She goes to Dadi to get answers and sees Yuvraaj there. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to sign on the papers, its urgent. Dadi signs. Suhani asks Dadi about testing Mili’s medicines, whats the result. Dadi asks what happened. Suhani shows the medicines she got from Mili’s room, and asks did you give her these medicines, Mili gets unwell having this. Menka looks on. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what are you saying. Menka shouts Suhani is blaming Dadi, that she made that joker girl a joker.

Suhani says she wants to know truth. Rags, Pratima, Bhavna, Saurabh, Anuj and Sharad come there. Pratima asks whats the matter. Dadi says she gave medicines to that girl. Menka asks Dadi is she making Mili mad. Dadi says she gave medicines as per reports. Suhani asks for reports. Dadi asks will I have to answer. Yuvraaj says no, we want to know what came in report. Dadi says you also don’t believe me, and shows reports to them.

Suhani says but these are not medicines which doctor gave. Dadi says you mean I m wrong, and you know more than doctor. Suhani says you bought the medicines which are not in prescription. She says she has seen the medicines in drawer. Dadi gets tensed and asks her whats there, there is nothing. Suhani checks and says medicines were here, you can check in Mili’s room. Yuvraaj says fine, lets solve this matter. Suhani takes them to Mili’s room and says there are the medicines, which has some herbs, Mili shouts and behaves weird having this. She asks Yuvraaj to check the smell. Yuvraaj checks and says there is no smell. Suhani checks it.

Dadi says Suhani is blaming me that I want to do bad with that girl. Suhani says she had the herbs smell in this, I m not lying. Dadi says Yuvraaj I won’t bear this blame. Suhani says I want to know truth, and want your help, there is something hidden. Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to make stories. Suhani says I m not making any story. Dadi says you feel Mili gets unwell having these medicines, I will prove truth. She eats the tablet while they all stop her. Dadi says see I m fine, nothing happened to me. She says medicines are right, Suhani is wrong. Yuvraaj asks Suhani does she want him to have medicines as well. Suhani says no, I just wanted to say… Dadi faints. They all worry and bring her to room. The doctor checks Dadi. Suhani says its because of medicines. Yuvraaj asks doctor what happened to Dadi., Dadi recalls changing Mili’s tablets, so that no one doubts on her.

Suhani gives the medicines and asks doctor to check. He says its bp low medicines, its wrong for Dadi, its for hyper patients, don’t make Chandrakala have it, else she can have risk of life. Yuvraaj gets it confirmed. Dadi asks Suhani is she assured now. Yuvraaj sends everyone. He asks Suhani to leave as well. Radhe shows the money notes to Rakhi. She gets glad. Lalita says Radhe sold the car in 9 lakhs, not 3 lakhs as told to Krishna.

She says this was my idea to take 6 lakhs. Radhe says yes. Lalita for her 3 lakhs share. Rakhi says we are 3 people, we will make 3 shares of 2 lakhs each. Radhe says first decide the shares. Soumya comes there and says Rakhi. They get tensed seeing Soumya. Radhe hides the money.

Bhavna asks Suhani what is she doing, she fought with Dadi for that girl, Yuvraaj will be annoyed with you. Suhani says I know, but I don’t blame anyone without reason. Bhavna says I don’t know what to say, I can’t understand you, I don’t feel you are my sister. Suhani says you are my elder sister. Bhavna says don’t make that girl come between in your life. Dadi accepted you after much problems. Pratima says Bhavna is right. Suhani says you are saying same.

Pratima suggests if something happened with Dadi nowadays, you instructed a good deal to Dadi, I didn’t question in your intentions, but your ways are Incorrect, no person gets to be small after they apologize. Suhani says I understood and goes. Bhavna claims I don’t know why is Suhani undertaking this. Pratima claims at times particular person thinks Incorrect in ideal things. Gauri hears them. Soumya claims don’t know why Krishna is behaving so. Lalita goes along with her. Dadi talks to Yuvraaj and suggests you’re the one a single who ended up like me, and took most treatment of me, probably not now. He apologizes to her. Suhani will come and hears them.

He claims he supported Suhani, so its his blunder, this received’t happen again. Dadi suggests for property’s peace, I need that Lady to become gone away. He agrees.

Pratima performs a song, and she or he cries viewing Mili understand that tune. Suhani asks precisely what is this song which has calmed Mili. Pratima says How can she understood, just Birla family little ones know this tune.

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